Define I Beat Meaning

I Beat
when a man wants to have sexy with a woman.

yo see shorty rite there. i beat the bricks off that ass
By Margarethe
I Beats
Something you utter just as you beat someone.

Guy 1: "I beats!" *whack*
Guy 2: *sad face*
By Meade
I Beat Anorexia
1. Catchy T-shirt slogan worn mostly by overweight people.
Ironic in usage.

2. Actual excuse given by overweight people, whether in honesty, lie, or sarcasm, for their weight.

By Christel
I Beat Anorexia
phrase often quoted by fat people to explain their weight.

they now have t-shirts!


Sally: o_O are you really going to eat 27 big macs?

Joe: *chews*

Sally: you know how many calories those have...

Joe: i beat anorexia.

Sally: oh! well then... eat up! ^^
By Aida
I Beat Anorexia
What people say when they have overcome a life threatening disorder; to do so is an amazing accomplishment which takes intense treatment, hard work, dedication, and a belief in true health. The phrase is one that should never be joked about, as many women die before they are able to say it.

It took years, but I beat anorexia. I feel like myself again.
By Kassey
I Beat My Meat
A guy who jerks off

By Jacquetta
I Beat My Meat

Man my dicks hella sore I beat my meat for too long last night.
By Angelle
I Beat My Daddy's Meat
When a girl beats her boyfriend/husbands dick so he cums

I beat my daddy's meat last night mmmm his di*k so big 😍
By Otha
I Beat My Meat To Squid Porn

I beat my meat to squid porn because it is fun asf
By Charil
Yeet Yeet I Beat My Meat
When you are about to beat your meat so hard, you say "Yeet Yeet I Beat My Meat" before beating it. This will guarantee a better experience when nutting. If you say it just before nutting, it will enhance the experience to the point that you will feel the heavenly experience for up to a week

Jack: *Opens up 420GB 'Homework' folder*
Jack: "Yeet Yeet I Beat My Meat"
Jack: *N U T S*
Jack: *Goes to heaven*
By Ondrea