Define I Can't Kill Myself Meaning

I Can't Kill Myself
A term Nigerians often use to justify their tiredness or hesitance to do more than they have already done. A phrase that has become a handy excuse for lazy people.

The phrase however, is the first portion of the refrain in a famous song by Timaya with the same name. The song insidiously grows on you, crawls into your ears and lays musical eggs in your brain.

Amaka: Seyi, will you attend tomorrow's meeting?
Seyi: No, i won't. I can't kill myself.
By Korney
I Can't Coman Kill Myself
It's a popular Nigerian expression for "In the end i did my best". It is often used by Nigerian men with lower sex drive than their partners (especially when the partner wants sex more often and in a more erotic way)

Although the term gained popularity through a song by Timaya named "I Can't Kill Myself" in 2019. As the popularity of the phrase has increased so too has the number of different meanings associated with it.

Bright: My wife complains i don't last longer in bed.
Bovi: How long does she expect you keep thrusting?
Bright: An hour or more. I told her i can't coman kill myself. It's sex not a damn trip to Benin.
By Kathryne