Define I Cant Meaning

I Cant
A saying that means "i cannot handle this" or, "wow". A saying that shows disblelief.

girl 1 "that skinny girl was all like 'omg im so fat' "
girl 2 " (rolls eyes) i cant"

example 2
jan "did you see her facebook status? she wrote about how she's so hot and everyone wants her"
karen "ugh i cant bro"
By Nickie
I Cant Read

You : I cant read
Me : Yes you can
By Kathryn
I Cant Go
Meaning your not going to do something
usually in stressful situation.

"man she want me to lick her too, i cant go"
By Vivian
I Cant Breath
When your respiratory system is not functioning correctly

George: I cant breath
Derek: *helps*

if you can't breath call 911 or get help from anyone near you
By Nanni
I Cant Tell It
Another way of saying I dont know.

I was gone try 2 see if she wanted to come 2 da house 2night... But I cant tell it...
By Tracey
I Cant Swim
when in water, This person is drowning, save them. When out of water, this person is calling you're bullshit, because you're lying.

1st guy- "I love my job and helping others in this hospital"

2nd guy- "me too, i'm such a tool"

3rd guy- "I cant swim"
By Janeen
I Cant Swim
a verb most commonly said by people of the black community

guy #1 - hey! lets go swimming! oh, wait.
guy #2 - oh helzz nah mainn. i from da ghetto. up therr we swim in da blood of me brothas, not in this pussy-ass-nigga-water. i cant swim.
By Arlee
I Cant Hang
i physically am not able to. (end of statement)

anna: i chocked on four dicks yesterday

Me: i cant hang... but congrats
By Leonie
I Cant Breath
Thats what a black man said before the crazy cop killed him...This black man had 5 criminal records,but this doesnt justify his death.However it was no racism ,the cop had mental illness or whatever.Stop looting the fucking stores and listening to Billie Eilish etc.. Moreover all lives matter you dumbass

Normal person:*made a poster and peacefully stands on the street protesting.
Brainless i cant breath person:-Ahhh, a new pair of shoes.Nice
By Heida
I Cant Breathe
just incase any police are reading. specifically minneapolis. you need to know that I CANT BREATHE means someone - can - not - breathe. periodt bitch

"i cant breathe. sir please i cant breathe. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE BITCH"
By Tori