Define I Heard Meaning

I Heard That
Used to emphasise the fact that one has heard a piece of information, and whole-heartedly agrees with it.

Guy1:"Damn homey! Need'da get me some poontang tonight!
Guy2:"I heard that!"
By Emlynn
I Heard
Personal Pro-noun & Active Verb.
Term used to introduce a piece of information, fictitious or fact, often used to suggest something without letting it be known that you suggested it.

"I heard we're having a party at your crib on Friday, Kris."
By Dierdre
I Heard It Was On
Announces an event or activity that one feels would be enjoyable, or expresses intent to get involved with an activity.

Normally said with the emphasis on "on".

Can also be used sarcastically.

A: There's a free bar tonight - I heard it was on!

A: I thought I might go dogging tonight.
B: I heard it was on!
C: I heard it was *so* on!

A: Toilet needs cleaning again.
B: Yeah! I heard it was on!
By Marta
I Heard That!
A strong agreement in response to a stated opnion, idea or fact. I want you to know, I heard you loud and clear and I understand you and I agree in fact and content.

A woman's statement:
Women today look extremely better and are much more educated than in the past.

A man's response:
I heard that!
By Bliss
I Heard
A term used in sarcasm. Its is used before a sentence that is obviously not true.

Some one fails a test.

"I heard your smart anyway".
By Leonora
Well I Heard
A tool used to reject accountability for a stupid mistake made, converting it into a lesser offense. If the counterparty replies with "Well, don't believe everything you hear," you have successfully dodged responsibility altogether.

Didn't you see the increasing claims in unemployment? The rising inventory to sales charts? The rising disability income claims? The lowered corporate earnings projections? Why would you buy more index futures? Are you retarded?

Well I heard the Fed was going to cut rates again by 75 basis points.

Well, don't believe everything you hear. Oh well.. whatever. Are you going to the poker game at Karetnikov's tonight?
By Odelle
when someone say something that u hear that u don't really dont wanna hear

kendra called boo a ugly ass shit face bitch and shaun said i hear dat.
By Nerte
I Heard Most Kids
Phrase of sarcasm used to indicate feelings of disagreement or doubt with the actions of another.

I heard most kids listen to Lisa Loeb.
By Beilul
I Heard It's Obama's Fault
The logic that slack-jawed voters use when any political conversation arises. From the price of gasoline to the outcome of their mixed martial arts matches; it's all Obama's fault.

Political persuasion aside, there is clearly a strong negative relationship between intelligence and hate for Obama.

Normal guy: "Oh my gosh! That building is on fire!"

Drooling retard: "I heard it's Obama's fault. He wasn't even born in America. Not even a 'murican!!! I even seen on TV that he's a MUSLIM!!"

Fat republican: "No, stupid. He's a communist. He wants people to PAY FOR HEALTH INSURANCE. I got every right to eat as much as I want. As long as I can pay for my allpurinol, I'm gonna keep the gout at bay. I heard it's Obama's fault."

Normal guy: "Is there a functioning brain between the two of you?"

Drooling retard: "I have a big truck. I heard it's Obama's fault."

Fat republican: "I like eating. And money. It's Obama's fault nomnomnom ow my gout nomnom"
By Leda
The first line of Other Friends.
yep.. it's part of the first song Spinel ever sang, and now you know what I see in comment sections?


Steven: Everything is right with the universe, and nobody's trying to kill m-
By Emmi