Define I Like Meaning

I Like It On The
When followed by a noun (like floor, desk or counter), this expression is often posted on Facebook by college girls. As men, we wonder why their statues say, "i like it on the/in the ______" (the blank can be filled with a random place), and ask ourselves if they are sluts, and more importantly, if we have a chance. The truth is, though, that girls choose the place, or noun, in the expression by where they last put their handbag. I wish the statuses were all sexual advances, but I regret to say they aren't.

College Girl's Facebook status: "I like it on the desk!"

-when the girl is attractive, the status is often found "like(d)" by tons of desperate guys and girls who get the joke.
By Lisa
But I Like It
"but i like it"
is an answer to any inquisitive question or command about or to stop what you are doing
Plus, can be followed by many other phrases answering the "why?" question
Por ejemplo:

P1: Stop touching me!
P2: But I like it
P1: Why
P2: Because it feels nice
P1: Yeah but seriously why
P2: Because it makes me tingle with anticipation
By Glennie
I Like
Used to express contentment, approval or happiness.
Often an 'a' is added to the end of 'like'; I like-a.
I like-a you.
Can be spoken with an Arabic or Indian accent for an increased effect.

Guy: Wow! Sweet doors!

Guy: Ya mang, it's a good thing there aren't any penis's sticking out of the cracks like last time.

Slutty girl: Woah dude. Sic.

Other slutty girl: Hehehehehe I like-a. I like-a this.
By Renie
I Likes That
street level black equivalent of "I like that"

Lakisha: That's Tyrone's new car.
Shanika: I likes that !
By Chelsy
I Like It On
A typical saying that girls put on their social network status updates. It sounds pretty sexual if you don't know what it means. They're just referring to where they like to put their purse.

I like it on the floor.

I like it on the rooftop.
By Janeczka
I Like That
An expression used by drunk dummies to let others know when (s)he likes something shiny.

If this were Facebook, ya know, I like that.
By Tamara
I Like It
Facebook status common for women where they put where they like to leave their purses, leaving out the "purse" and putting in "it" instead. This is done to earn money for breast cancer.

I like it on the floor

I like it in the car

I like it hanging on the doorknob
By Eulalie
I Likes That
Street level black equivalent of "I like that"

Lakisha: That's Tyrone's new car.
Shanika: I likes that !
By Kimberly
I Like It
A more discrete way of saying "I'd hit it".

"Dude that baconater has some massive jugs."
"I like it."

"Wow, look at the ass on that..." -drunk friend says too loudly, woman definitely hears...

"I like it."
By Guendolen
I Like It
An awesome song by the awesome Enrique Iglesias (my favorite singer) featuring Pitbull that is my favorite song.

Please be quiet, I Like It is on the radio!
By Nerita