Define I Never Meaning

No I Never!
What people say when they never did anything, but obviously, their grammar is no so very well.

By Teodora
I Never
A faggot that requires intellectual treatment otherwise you will have a living hell.

Other meaning is that when someone did not do something but does not have the intelligence to speak of more grammatical sentences.

When Dilbert saw Layne with a pitch white condom in his ass, Layne said, "I Never!"
By Ernestine
Well I Never
1) An exclamation of surprise, usually at something shocking or scandalous.
2) A way of saying that you did not, even once, in your lifetime to this point, do a given thing.

Mom: "Son, eat your brussels sprouts."
Son: "I don't like brussels sprouts."
Dad: "You know, sport, life is all about trying new things."
Son: "Well I never nailed a bitch indabutt. Maybe I should try that."
Mom: "Well I never! Peter, I told you never to tell our little boy about your little...ummm...fetish, how you like to stick it in my...ummm...posterior."
Dad: "I didn't. But I think you just did."
Son: "Well I never!" (pukes)
By Elladine
I Never Got Into It
A euphemism for "it sucked".

A: "Did you get Children of Bodom's latest album? It ruled!"

B: "Umm, I listened to it but I never got into it."
By Christabel
I Never Thought
U didn’t think of sumthin and then someone tells u sumthin and then u like ohhh I never thought

Jarod : hey gurl did u see the new episode last night I thought the bitch was gon get raped

Monica: ohhh I never thought
By Bettye
I Never Wash This
when you don't wash something

Poo guy: see my penis?
JOKE GUY: yeah?
Poo guy: i never wash this!
By Brigida
I Never Asked
Usually used when someone says something stupid or asks you a dumb question you said I never asked

Jose: Look there's a bird
Jisele: I never asked
By Jenifer
A phrase that was created by that god awful film Daredevil,
however this has now been a source of amusement for 10's of people all over the world.
Can also be used for other actions... not neccessarily missing.. i.e (I NEVER READ CALL NOTES!)

Jamie: Jim there must be something that you will never ever do?
Jim: There is one thing... but I don't know if I should let you.
Jamie: What is it?
Jim: I... I... I NEVER MISS!
By Inge
I Never Fuck It Up
What you say before you fuck something up.

Bill: Yo, Ted that combo is lookin' tight and long
Ted: It's my BnB, I never fuck it up.
*Drops combo*
Ted: Shit....
By Hedvig
Ex I Never Had
1. Someone who likes you to the point of obsession, where they act like they have a right to your affection, and this leads to hostility and excessive jealousy after you enter into a relationship with a different person.

2. Someone who flirts so excessively that they might as well be a significant other. Especially those who flirt with you in the presence of an actual significant other.

*snotty girl gives demeaning look and huffs away*
GF: Who is THAT?
BF: Ugh, the ex I never had.

'ex': well why don't we go on a long walk together...alone?
BF: uhhhhh...
GF: Who do you think you are? The ex he never had?
By Rachelle