Define I Want You Meaning

I Want You
to wish someone was yours, to love someone so much. you want to be with them, you want them to feel the same way as you do. you want them.

ex: i want you. i need you.
By Bonnee
I Want You
i want you means you love someone so much that you wanna be with them. that you have feelings towards them. you want them to feel the same way back. you adore everything about them, you want them.

“hi beautiful “
..... “ i want you “
By Felicle
I Want You

Girl: I want you right now baby!
Guy: Sure thing sweetie, I got the rubbers right here...
By Gretta
I Want You
I want you!

Means: you want to have gay sex with a horse.

I want you my beautiful black stallion.
By Tiffi
I Want You
A music created by Savage Garden,and is used on the fourth part of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure as its ending.

Ooh,i want you
I don't know if i need you but
Ooh i'd die to find out
Ooh,i want you
I don't know if i need you but
Ooh i would die to find out
By Ardys
I Want You In Me
euphanism for wanting sex, kinda lewd, straight forward and to the point

I wanted sex one night, so I texted him saying "I want you in me."
By Olive
I Want You Here And Now
Means I want to have sex with you right here and right now, no time to do anything else.

Girl: I want you here and now.
Guy: This exact moment?! OK
By Almeta
I Want You In The Worst Way

By Felice
I Want You In My Belly
A sexually meaning when the boy puts his dick deep inside your vagina, It’s so big that it could rearrange your organs

“I want you in my belly , and your big dick inside of me”
“Yes it’s so big I’m gonna reach your stomach”
By Hetty

vrnirvrhe8vhe8hvuf I WANT YOU TO WANT ME
By Willow