Define I Was Gonna Meaning

I Was Gonna
Like, I almost stayed with you forever. Then, you fucked it all up.

D O N E.

Honey, he is a "i was gonna." Say goodbye like yesterday.
By Wallie
I Was Gonna Say...
The phrase commonly used by a person in response to somebody correcting their error in a sentence that may have come out rude or offensive in their conversation to the other person.

Rob: "God dammit my girlfriend is ugly, don't you think?"
Fred: (Sympathetically saying) "Nah dude I would totally fuck Marissa"
Rob: "..."
Fred: "I mean I wouldn't, but shes not ugly, Just saying shes definitely bang-able"
Rob: "Alright i was gonna say..."
By Penny
I Aint Gonna Lie
A formal declaration that what you are about to speak is plainly the truth. Although sometimes used deviously as a preamble to an actual lie.

i aint gonna lie , Tyrese got hops but he can't dunk on no 10ft rim.
By Petra
A look given to students by Mrs.Perkins who misbehave or don't complete there homework. This 'look' is highly feared, and emotionaly scarring.

Student:"Oh my god! Whats wrong?"
Crying Student: "I forgot to do my homework last night and got the 'I AM GONNA RIP YOUR FACE OF!' look!"
Student:(dies loudly)
By Marilin
I Was Just Gonna Say
What someone says before saying what they are going to say. Often a nervous habit.

Teacher: Billy, do you have something you want to say?

William: I was just gonna say my name is William.

Teacher: William, what is the answer to number four?

William: I was just gonna say that it's Pluto, sir.
By Marcella
I Don’t Wanna, I Don’t Haveta, I Ain’t Gonna
Something really useful from the US. The only reply to be made to an acquaintance, or a co-worker you don’t like very much who makes ridiculous demands on your time and effort for no recompense.

“What did you say when Malcolm asked you to do his work while he sloped off to get freebies at the supermarket?”
“I don’t wanna, I don’t haveta, I ain’t gonna.”
By Rubi
What Am I Gonna Do With You!?
An act of utter exuberance over the cuteness of another individual

A newly-in-love couple is joking around and having a good time with each other...

Boyfriend: I like you. A lot.

Girlfriend: *cuddles him and gives him one hell of a kiss*
Boyfriend: What am I gonna do with you!?

(Enter in to sexy time mood if desirable)
By Ethelind
I Know I'm Gonna Get Downvoted For This But
Said before stating a bad and extremely bigoted, but popular opinion

I know I'm gonna get downvoted for this but Israel is a Nazi Inquisitionist Crusader Colonialist Genocidal Antisemitic White Supremacist European Ghetto Terrorist Farhoudist State
By Viv
I Sure Ain't Gonna Show Ya My Dick
A comeback during an argument or fight. Used to show who is the boss.

Come on dickless. I sure ain't gonna show ya my dick.
By Dian
I Ain’t Gonna Say My Name But My Family Calls Me Stoopid

Hey I ain’t gonna say my name but my family calls me stoopid.
By Karel