Define I'm Going To Meaning

I'm Going To
something you never say to your mom

Me: I'm going to make me a sandwich

Mom: *grabs the chanclas*

Me: "may I please make a sandwich"
Mom: "a cheese and mayo one"
Me: *see's a full container of turkey*
Me: "can i have a turkey one"
Mom: No
Me: *relizes i bought it*
mom: "you got a problom, you could have nothing"
Me" but i bought it"
*dad walks in, takes the turkey and runs away with it*
Me: smh
By Rosaleen
I'm Going In
Announcement before:

1) taking a huge bite into a large food item such as a sandwich, burrito or plateful of food.

2) penetrating a partner.

1) "Look at the size of this double cheeseburger. I'm going in."

2) "Are you ready? I'm going in."
By Esmeralda
I'm Going High!
An expression frequently used by some players when recovering high in Smash Bros Ultimate

Poppt1 decides to go for a high recovery to avoid an edgeguard

Poppt1: "I'm going high!"
By Rosabel
That's The Look I'm Going For
The generic comeback to any criticism of your appearance. Works for anything.

Person #1: Your shirt is tucked into your underwear. You look like a douche who can't dress himself.

Person #2: That's the look I'm going for!
By Jerrine
I'm Going Ghost
When you're stuck in a Bad situation, when life's crushing responsibilities and standards come crashing upon you, or if you just really enjoy the iconic cartoon, Danny Phantom, this phrase is here for you.

Person 1: "So did you study for the test next period?"
Person 2: "..."
Person 2: "I'M GOING GHOST"
By Myrtie
I'm Going On Break
Said after solving a taxing problem or difficult issue at work, 'cause after that you definitely deserve a break. Or even better if it wasn't so difficult or taxing, 'cause hell yeah you're going on break anyway!

I want to get a job as someone who names kitchen appliances. Toaster, refrigerator, blender....all you do is say what the shit does, and add "er". I wanna work for the Kitchen Appliance Naming Institute. Hey, what does that do? It keeps shit fresh. Well that's a fresher....I'm going on break.
- Mitch Hedberg
By Andromache
I'm Going To Sleep
When the person you're talking to or texting really does NOT want to talk to or text you.
It has to be late at night, otherwise it would make no sense whatsoever.

John: What's up?
Victoria: Not much, I'm going to sleep.
By Sabrina
I'm Going To Joes
A phrase used when your friends bail out , or do not want to associate with you. So instead you find some hell hole to go to and waste your time there instead. Also can be used when something your working on does not work out right. The word Joes comes after a run down shit hole bar in Reading Pa, that contains nothing but trash.

Lindsey: Can you pick me up tonight to go to the bar.
Mike: No!
Lindsey: Fine I'm going to joes.

Alex: I can't get the car started.
Travis: Is it a Dead Battery?
Alex: Yes, I'm going to joes.
By Michell
I'm Going To Sleep

By Brigida
I'm Going To Bed
You're going to lie in the bed on your phone until you fall sleep

Girl: I said "goodnight I'm going to bed" like an hour ago but I'm still just here laying in bed on instagram
By Leigha