Define Ibiza Meaning

A truly beautiful island off the east coast of Spain. Home of the greatest clubbing experiences on the planet, showcasing the great and good (and a few of the bad) of the dance music scene.

Used and abused by a minority.

Misunderstood by the majority.

Never judge that which you have not experienced
By Alexa
A Spanish island of the Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean Sea southwest of Majorca where DJ from around the world come to show off

By Frayda
A place that needs nuking during the summer holidays to help alleviate the queues in the UK dole offices.

AAAhbeeethaaa it great innit.
By Maddie
Aint it also a car?

By Maggy
a small island off the coast of France known for its clubs, drugs, & the int'l dj talent it brings. Was once popular vacation site among electronic enthusiasts, though they now generally hold ibiza to be some kind of mockery of electronic music (i.e.) cheese

Oakenfold played a bangin set at space, ibiza in '99, you had to be there.. pure class
By Chrystel
Ibiza can refer to one of two things...

1. The small island off the coast of Spain in the Balearic Islands which is home to some of the best nightclubs in the world (eg. Privilege, Es Paradis, Amnesia, Space, Pacha, Eden, and DC10). Eivissa is the islands official name, but most english speakers call it Ibiza

2. A sub-genre of trance music. It is characterized by it's euphoric, hypnotic beats and uplifting melodies. It also uses sounds such as guitars, mandolins, waves, wispy vocals, and synthesizers.

Popular songs in this genre include

Beachball by Nalin & Kane
Seven Cities by Solar Stone
Offshore by Chicane
Devil Went Down To Ibiza by Alabama 3
First State by First State


1. Damn dude, I want to go to Ibiza this summer so I can check out all those kickass clubs!

2. This Ibiza music is amazingly euphoric

By Darda
She is a girl with a unique and exotic name.

A girl with this name is naturally a singer with a petite height. Ibiza is a goal archiver. She is adorable yet you don't want to be on her bad side.

If you ever upset Ibiza she will forgive you almost everytime. But if she's had enough, she will disappear from your life completely.

Ibiza would often be sentimental with things and a good observer. You definitely can't hide anything from her!

She is friendly but often too shy to strike up a conversation. When you get to know her, she will reveal her crazy side.

I always want to be here number one.
Ibiza is always helping others without a doubt.
By Dominga
A great island off the east coast of Spain.
Divided in towns, such as Ibiza ciudad, Santa Inés, San Josa, Santa Eulalia..
The best place to go to in the summer.
Ibiza has two sides:
-the great side: breathtaking beaches, countryside, mountains, bike rides, exclusive clubs, "casas payesas" (beautiful houses)
-the bad side: San Antonio. This town is full of the most "chavish" and cokney english crowd who party noisily in the streets. It is easy to avoid this side of Ibiza by going to the right places.

Ibiza is also full of celebrities. Legends like Mick Jagger and his whole family can be stumbled upon.

Blair: I went to Ibiza for the whole month of July, because its way too crowded in August. I had the time of my life!
Jess: Yeah, me and my family are going to go sailing round the Baleares this summer! It's going to be SO great!
By Adoree
A cool, more fly way of saying I-Bee's-Wax / I-Bes-Wax

Guy : I love to go from Miami to Ibeezwax
Girl : Or from Miami to Ibiza
By Cari
A teen who is at the peak of being a prick. A new higher level of being a douchebag. Also can be a rich kid who thinks he his hot stuff.

That kid is such an ibiza, thinking hes all that with his Porsche.
By Carmen