Define Ican Meaning

Some people think ICANs are very bossy, maarte, and rich. They find them very malandi and very slutty. But the truth is, ICANs are naturally kind. They know what to do in tough situations, and they know how to work things out. They might always shop at Rockwell or Shang or Prome, but it's not their fault they like the shops in those malls. They also go to Ash Creek, some place near their school with the Xavierians. I may not be an ICAN, but Sometimes their behavior is inappropriate there, but that's not what you think- they're really smart, and they prioritize many things. Multi-taskers. Even if you see them with their boyfriend, or just guy friends, does not mean they are sluts, bitches, or whores. They just like the guy, what's the big deal, right? Young age?... doesn't a lot of people have boyfriends at a young age? Think.

ICANs speak out for what they believe. They are very united because they always defend their names (As an ICAN)
By Emmalyn

The Repulse-ican insisted that people on welfare are lazy.
By Brinn
Xaverians And ICANs
Group of kids who study in either Xavier or ICA who think that getting laid is all about wearing People are People and acting emo even through most don't even know what the word means. ICANs have the most annoying accent in the world.

To Xaverians and ICANs, emo is listening to My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy, crying while listening to Taking Back Sunday and having their hair cut at a Bench salon.

Both have a knack for thinking that they actually deserve better than what they already have and speaking horrible English, or Taglish rather. This leads to the majority getting laid at 40.

Xaverians think that they have a fighting chance with anyone else other than the ICANs who most still don't get even if they were to rub their asses up their faces.

Alright, so the cycle goes like this: Xaverian realizes that he has a dick and starts liking ICANs. Faggots gossip and the ICAN finds out. ICAN starts acting evasive and uninterested in Xaverian. ICAN and Xaverian finally meet out and schedule a date to Rockwell for a lack of choice. ICAN acts like she has a choice and turns down the Xaverian. Xaverian cuts wrist and bleeds to death. The cycle repeats.

ICANs are a cross between Richard Gere and Paul Pierce; not exactly my dream girl although there are the coveted few who actually look decent enough to be seen with.

One can easily tell apart a Xaverian or an ICAN from the crowd. Just take note of the following:

- Kris Aquino taglish
- Empire State Building Hair OR
- Hair cut such that it covers one side of the face; the look that Xaverians deem 'emo'
- carries a shitload of money
- shops at Rockwell ....
with guys
- goes to Rockwell with guy friends...
to talk
- very tight pants, usually black and a black shirt.
- converse chucks with the mandatory pentel pen marks; personalized others would like to say.
- has a hard time talking to chicks...
and even a harder time with guys.
- has a wide array of clothes...
which are all exactly the same but a lighter shade of black.
- takes black and white, sad or emo pictures of himself/herself and posts it in their multiply account under the title 'vain'.
- conforming to trends that never were in like wearing black and white striped jackets over a black shirt while wearing black pants with chucks ruined by the graffiti over it. All a major misinterpretation of the word 'style' and a huge fashion faux pas
- carries a camera where ever they go.

Rich Expatriate Guy: Look, it's the Osbornes! All of them have
huge hair, eyeliner, the all black outfit and their pants are too tight to even fit their phones! Hahahahaha!

Hot Girlfriend: Hmmmm, they must be Xaverians and ICANs.
By Rica
Text-ican Standoff
When a man and a woman start dating, but one of them loses interest and stops texting, and the other person doesn't want to send another text until the person that has lost interest responds to their previous text for the fear that they are seeming desperate. Similar to the Mexican Standoff but with texts not guns.

Also see Textual Standoff

Mike - Hey Jason, how's it going with the girl you've been seeing?

Jason - Not good.. I sent her a text a few days ago and she hasn't responded yet, so I'm in a Text-ican Standoff.
By Karly
An American that is completely apathetic as to what is going on in the US of A.

"I want to move north and be a Canadian
Or hang down low with the nice Australians
I don't want to be another I don't care-ican
What are we gonna do Franco, Franco Un-American"
-Franco Un-American by NOFX
By Bari
Same as Mulado just add Mexican.

I wanted that job real bad so I told them i was Mulad-ican.
By Cherice
In need of the same stuff as Ezrah.

"You're in need of under the desk or covers support Ican"
By Amandy
A super hot gay and is the best mutual ever, I could literally give them a kiss. please ican your hand in marriage. And he’s like a god and has his own cult😪☝️ Or wtv

“Have you heard of ican?”
“The super hot gay mutual? Yeah”
By Atalanta