Define Idiom Meaning

An expression that doesn't necessarily have a definition but more of an understanding behind it.

He is still wet behind the ears-meaning: he is still new, inexperienced, and young. Keep tabs on him-meaning: watch him, follow him, etc.
By Beulah
idiom means idiot.

when someone is being mean to you just call them a idiom and they will not know what you mean.
By Deeann
A phrase we use to separate ourselves from those stupid illegal immigrants who don't speak English. Also used as a prank.

Using idioms in a taxi cab:
American (taking out a Battleship game): Mind if I sink a steamer?
Mexican (taxi driver): Nope...hey what's that smell?
By Jobie
a idiot, someone stupid, in other words a DUMBASS

why you look like that you idiom!!
By Emelyne
The thing that piss the english-learner off

A: Look! It's raining cats and dogs
B: WTF are you talking about?there is no cats and dogs..
A: oh..don't you know any idioms?
By Ilyse
(n.) a popular phrase, a parlance or locution. Not a noun, adjective or verb.

Most definitions in this dictionary are really idioms, such as fo shizzle my nizzle and shotgun wedding
By Maureene
Adult code names for when they want to talk about their secret plans about feeding 3 year olds vegetables

Me:*thinks* why are they using idioms? are they crazy
Parents:*in idioms* prepare the vegetables and feed them broccoli
By Catlee
A term used by people who are tired of calling n00bs "idiots".
The individual calls a n00b an "idiom" so that they'll get even more confused and react in a more n00bish way. It will confuse them until the n00b actually looks up the word in a dictionary to find the definition. Otherwise, they'll think idiom is another word for idiot.

n00b - "FucK ALl YoU BItCHaSs WanKsTaZ"

John - "stfu you idiom"

n00b - "iDiom? FuCK YOu, YouR AN iDioT"

John - " *Shakes head* "
By Drusi
Idiotic Idioms
1. a term used to describe certain idioms that are idiotic.
2. A person who is gifted and intelligent and is well known throughout certain parts of the internet. Liked and loved by mostly everyone.

1. The coast is clear.
2. Me.
3. idiotic idioms, just because I have to use the word in the example.
By Isa
Idiom Savant
An otherwise intelligent individual, who unknowingly mixes and mangles idioms, often to great comedic effect.

The cop, apparently being an undiagnosed Idiom Savant, says "I'm watching you, mister. Now you are UNDER my radar!"
By Flory