Define Idiot Meaning

Anyone who belongs to and/or elects to join a village comprising of idiots

Do we really need an example? :p
By Tierney

By Berenice

By Lilla
Synonym for someone who believes USA to be the only nation equipped with the internet.

1. idiot
synonym for our nations current president
George W. Bush is a complete idiot.
Source: reed, Feb 9, 2003
By Briny
to hold you, my love,

like it was time's last minute,
or humankind's last fetus,
to hold you tight, and in this holding tight,
to hope you read all my heart's dictionaries
and hear in its arrythmic beat the pattern that signals what

a lover may be able to lay on the table,
no promise in the world

can fortify or prove
a knowledge that cannot be spelled.
You know? My love.

when you die
something in me will, too.
So don't die, idiot.
By Caroline
Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

By Breanne
Someone who has to look up the term 'idiot'.

Well, look what we have here!
By Kaye

Dad: Son, your a idiot
By Jennica
An epithet that describes anyone but you.

It is a statistical certainty that there is someone out there in the planet who considers you an idiot. That person doesn't matter, of course -- he's an idiot.
By Enrika
A person who occupies a position or opinion opposing your correct one.

People who think x are idiots.
By Etheline