Define Im Meaning

1) (n.) "Instant messanger"

A programme, usually downloadable for free, that allows people to chat in real-time. Many have integrated features such as file sending, two player games, pictures and drawing boards. They are basically an evolution of electronic mail that allows people to get closer to each other. The most popular IM programmes are aim, msn messanger, yahoo IM and icq

2) To use 1) to contact another user of IM's.

3) Mis-spelling of I'm.

1) I need to get a better IM

2) IM me tonight.

3) OMG IM GAY!!!!!111!2!ONE
By Desiree

she is an im
By Astrix
Internet contraction for In My Experience; Used to explain a statement that is based upon the life of, or the experiences of the speaker. More forceful than YMMV.

NooB:"So are the rules broken in this example of play?"
CovertWalrus:"IME the rules work fine even if they slow down the game a bit. But YMMV, some people think so."
By Nikolia
Im With That
To agree with someone

Criminal 1: Yo dog, wanna hit up that store for some cash?
Criminal 2: Yeah dog, im with that
By Penelopa
Instant Message or someone who can't be bothered to use an apostraphe for "I'm" (I am).

"some weirdo just imed me"
"im so lazy, man"
By Sal

i am iming this guy who thinks i am a hot girl
By Meghann
An acronym for "In my experience"

"ime, it's best to shut down arguments before they become toxic"
By Philis
Not common, but used to mean "him".

By Eva
n. An instant message. IM does not imply the use of either AIM or ICQ.

v. To send someone an instant message.

Did you get my IM?

My sister IMed me last night.
By Corny
IRRATABLE MALE SYNDROME....(PMS 4 guyz without blood or pain....just the crankiness,cursing n all the other SWEARING SHIZ!)

By Emylee