Define Impressed Meaning

The feeling of amazement which arises when it is difficult for a person to imagine something that he or she has encountered being any better than it is.

I was impressed by her exquisite beauty.
By Idalia
Not Impress
The troll way of saying "I'm not impressed".

Dude, check out "x"!
not impress
By Leda

Hey man, did you see that guy who scored a fifty for his team?

Yes, that was impressive.
By Ava

Barrett: I've held onto this brown bic for an entire semester. I never lost it and it's finally about to go out.

Trey: That's impressing.
By Aloysia
a) To have a strong effect on something
b) To force someone into naval services.

Rorke's drift was an impressive battle.

The anglo-american war (or war of 1812, if it's the only war your country was in at the time, aka you are from north america) resulted in the treaty of Ghent. However, this did not resolve any of the issues the united states had fought for. However, as a courtesy, Impressing stopped. See war of 1812
By Malynda
Someone who knows a whole fucking lot about the Power Rangers

Wow, Dylhole, that's impressive
By Lisette
Not Impressed
well it basically is you give up being the coolest guy in town(cause you go out and the babes are on you like shit on a stick) to go boarding and then it dosen't happen

Gibbs had a night of tang planned and he forfited the evening so he could go boarding the next day. to his dismay boarding did not occur.
By Nonie
I'm the shittest in clan #teamxe, idle it in irc @ ETG
i just don't know what im doing
i am Danstar.

By Corinna
Not Impressed
Not moist about it . Like okay , yawnn !

I was not drowning about shit I was obviously not impressed .
By Latisha
I Wiff and wiff and wiff all day long, i love the SMELL of my hands and feet, especiall my FEET OH BOAH GOD

CURLS both fingers up and takes a huge wiff of the crud in the finger nail and the toejam in the toes.
By Vinni