Define In The Bedroom Meaning

In The Bedroom
a phrase you say after reading your fortune cookie out loud.

Mom: Honey what does your fortune cookie say?
Jimmy: "Your future looks bright and prosperous... in the bedroom"
Mom: We are never coming to this Chinese restaurant again!!! Thats terrible!!!!
By Jacqueline
In The Bedroom
The 2nd phase after coming out. When you have come out to people but not quite everyone you know.

Jenn is out of the closet but she is still in the bedroom
By Michele
The room in your house where you sleep and keep your clothes. Bedrooms usually have a closet in them.

I need to go check my bedroom to make sure everything is still there.
By Lauretta

Hey Janet, let's go to the bedroom!
By Bidget

By Yolane
In The Bedroom
what you say after a sentence or an add on to ''thats what she said!''

"I had a great time last night!"
"thats what she said!"
"In the bedroom!"

By Felice
In The Bedroom
When you enter someone's bedroom with the opposite sex and start having fun or having sex

Hey where'd they go

Bro they jus went in the bedroom
By Carmencita
a bedroom is a room in a house or hotel its a room were you can sleep,change,have a personal chat and have sexual things happen. normaly bedrooms have windows and passage ways, in the house to it.such as,hallways,stairs,somone elses room and a tunnel sometimes.

I will go to my bedroom to fall asleep.
By Marilin
Bedroom Pop
A genre DIY indie music, bedroom pop is characterized by its lo-fi quality and often contemplative lyrics. Bedroom pop share elements with other indie genres including shoegaze, dream pop, jangle pop, and emo. Guitars and vocals often feature heavy use of reverb or delay.

I just released my new bedroom pop EP on Bandcamp.
By Luella
Bedroom Roulette
This is a game of luck, skill, and cunning. It's being played in colleges across the nation. The game starts with one guy and six girls in a room, with four guys waiting outside. The first guy sticks it in one girl and goes from the next one and then to the next one until he splooges into one of them. Than that guy leaves and that girl is out, now there are five girls left. Than the second guy comes in and he repeats what the first guy does. Now there are four girls left. Eventually it gets down to the fifth guy and the last two girls. The winner who survives all five rounds receives a half-gallon while second-place gets a 24-pack. That everyone is how you play Bedroom Roulette. For all other inquiries, please don't inquire.

Jeff: What are you doing tonight?

Darin: I'm gonna play Bedroom Roulette with six hot girls.

Jeff: Can I come?

Darin: Sure we need one more guy
By Rae