Define In The End Meaning

In The End
1. An awsome song by Linkin Park from their album Hybrid Theory.

2. The point in time refered to as when everything ceases to exist.

1. "I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter..."

2. "In the end, what we did won't matter. What we did with our pathetic little lives won't change a thing."
By Dorelle
In The End
a kickass Linkin Park song that bites the crap out of Crawling!

By Valeda
End To End
Graffiti pieces/throw-ups on either a freight or passenger train that extends from one end of the car to the other.

Damn, that nigga burned that whole train end to end!
By Nixie
In The End
Perfect song by Linkin Park to describe anyone who has put effort into something (typically a relationship) where none of it mattered.

A good song to listen to to remind one that the effort was wasted on the wrong person.

Note: the lyrics indicate that one party was genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship but the other party was only in it for the sex.

"I put my trust in you, pushed as far as I could go... But in the end it doesn't really matter"
By Jill
The Ends
Used predominantly in Greater London to mean the area in which you live/are from (usually linked to your postcode).

'He's not from the ends' - he is not from the same area as we are
By Rosalia
That's The End Of That
Phrase used to describe the end of something. Exact wording to be used at all times, even if the item is a plural.

1. That's the end of that drugs.
2. That's the end of that kathleen
By Oralia
The End
The end of laughter and soft lies. The end of nights we tried to die. This is the end.

Can you picture what will be so limitless, so free?
By Toby
The End
"The End" by The Doors.
Song made famous from Apocalypse Now (Redux).
The absolute best song ever.

Dude, you seriously need to download "The End" on KaZaA right now.
By Josephina
End Of
Used to end a discussion. Indicates that one doesn't even have time to finish the thought.

"I really need a new iPhone."
"You just got your iPod last Fall. You've got to plan ahead."
"But ..."
"We've talked about this before."
"But ..."
"End of!"
By Jaquenetta
The End

By Kandace