Define Indo Meaning

Marijuana, specifically modern crossbreeds of Indonesian (hence, "Indo") indica strains with western sativa, resulting in pungent, broadleafed, THC-crystal laden buds, or "trees". Often confused for a short form of "indoor", which is where most of this type of marijuana is now grown.

Rollin' down the street, smokin' Indo, sippin' on gin and juice.
By Ivie
Bastardization of "Cannabis indica", the Indian hemp plant. (See also: Cannabis sativa). The indica subspecies is believed to be native to India, not Indonesia.

this indo weed is killer, chief.
By Arleen
Abberviation used to descripe hydroponically grown marijuana, which is grown indoors. Because of a perfect amount of light, water, nutrients, etc., "indo" marijuana is very potent and therefore more expensive and highly sought after.

"rollin' down tha street smokin' indo, sippin' on Gin n' juice"
-Snoop Dogg
By Bobby
another term for marijuana.
see "weed"
"mary jane"

driven to down main smokin on some indo.
By Ebony
1. A person being a mix of indonesian and dutch. After the dutch came to colonize Indonesia, it was used as a derogatory term because they were considered mutts and weren't totally accepted by the dutch or indonesian people.. but not anymore...i should know i am one.
2. a blend of marijuana

what nationality are u?
i'm indo
Indo U know!!
By Shannen
another word for indonesian, not to be confused with indian

What are you?
Oh, i'm indo
you're Indian?
No, i'm indonesian
By Olivie

Entang: "Go home you fucking singaporian shit"
Utis: "I'm not Singaporian. I'm Indo."
By Jessalin
A personal supply of marijuana for distributors that will not result in overall profit margins being less than expected.
See also purso

Yo, that shit betta be indo or your off my books.
By Shirleen

indo indo indo indo indo indo indo oh i love indo
By Lina
a word wrongly used by all indonesians. they use this term as a slang to refer to all indonesians. the real usage of this word is to refer to indonesians of european heritage. they are the highest number of mixed raced people in the world.

the caste system during colonial era;
1. Dutch (European)
2. Indo (Mix-heritage/ indo-european)
3. Native/pribumi

most indos do not know how they came to be, as why they have lighter hair or why they look more white. this can be inferred that their native ancestors were raped by the dutch colonials.

notable indos in indonesia - barry prima, ferry sonneville, mia audina, sophia latjuba,etc

indos in netherlands - gio van bronkhorst, robin van persie, johnny heitinga, mata hari

indos in rest of world - van halen brothers, michelle branch, mark -paul gosselaar, petra verkaik, etc

He's an Indo not a native

Dia orang indo bukan pribumi
By Jojo