Define Insert Meaning

Can be replaced by shove, push, hump, fuck, or pound...

I cum as soon as I insert my penis.
I will insert my fist in your face.
Insert that big fucking dick in my pussy.
I had her screaming my name everytime I went to insert my dick.
By Clara
A sign stuck on the rear of a prostitute.

By Lanie
1) Another term for sex.

2) When a penis is inserted in a vagina.

By Margaretha
1. To put one objet inside of another object

a. When a man puts his penis โ€œinโ€ during sexual intercourse

Penetrate Cock Thrust

Fabian: Insert It
Oliver: - Inserts (Insertion) Penis in Fabian -

Fabian: Ah ah ah ah aahhh
Fabian: Thrust Harder
Oliver: OH, This is what Iโ€™ve been waiting for, OHH
By Hatti

1) The woman inserted the heel of a stiletto into the mans penis hole.

2)Wow that was fun, I just inserted it into Diane and Jody
By Elvina

By Blakeley
When a person constantly inserts themselves into situations that don't include them

Boy: wyd?

Girl: headed home to catch up on some shows on Hulu. You?

Boy: I'll be joining you

Girl: you're very insertive
By Trude

Allow me to explain the insertation of your credit card into the ATM.
By Saree
when slightly tipsy and attempting to convince osemone that everyoen wants to have sex with her, this is the PERFECT term. by yelling "insert" over and over, she will finally believe that guys want her. damn taht bitch.
Person 1: god guys, no one likes me.

Person 1: god guys, no one likes me.
Person 2 looks at Person 3
Both recite: insert! INSERT INSERT in the ****!!
Person 1: fine fine fine. so they all want me. let's go get some more vodka.
By Winne
a female hot enough to insert your penis into any of her various holes

Yeah, she's pretty insertable.
By Glori