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The institute's rival is the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout 4.
fallout 4 fallout
By Kial
Awesome alt-rock band, fronted by Gavin Rossdale (formerly from the band Bush).
Currently have one album entitled Distort Yourself, released in 2005.

Come on through, come on over
You better not run or they shoot you down
And they're over this town
(Come On Over)

Institute are a great band.
By Violette
A fancy word for house. Similar to estate.

I just saw Joe Biden getting the paper in his robe outside of the Biden institute.
By Viki
Institutional Control
Idea of controlling a situation and keeping things under proper order and control. THIS TYPE OF CONTROL IS COMPLETELY NONEXISTENT AT THE AVE. The Ave will be completely out of control and be a circus with niggas acting like fucking elephants. An avetard will also always talk about how he's the leader of the apartment and act like he's all about that but when the time comes, he's nowhere to be found because he ain't built for that.

The Ave has no institutional control at the apartments because an avetard is never ready for any type of responsibility, and it's possible he might let the place burn down.
By Deana
Bicycle Institute
NOUN - An organizational body comprised of bicycles used primarily as a derogatory term by Shane McElwrath when some one does not like his beer and he realized he has a small wiener. No one really knows the true meaning of this insult. Just go to Dystopian State Brewery and ask what it means

Spit that back in your boyfriend's mouth you piece of shit. Come on man. Say something. I'll fuck your shit up. Come on bicycle Institute.
By Filide
Webb Institute
A school of naval architecture and marine engineering located on the north shore of Long Island, NY in the United States. The 90-or-so students of "The Institute" undergo a rigerous four year education wherein all external friends are lost and life outside of schoolwork becomes non-existant. Due to the lack of female counterparts, the men at Webb Institute will gladly hook up with women of questionable appearance. While attending, symptoms of alcoholism, depression, insanity, and temporal lobe malfunction may affect students in varying degrees of magnitude. After graduation, students generally loose symptoms and gain a grip on the real world, while leading a kick ass life designing boats.

Hey Betty, wanna drink with those "Webbies" at Webb Institute? I hear they will do just about anything!
By Betta
Institutional Gaslighting
Institutional Gaslighting: When a group of respected people within an institution are posed as investigating on the victim’s behalf, but in actuality act to belittle or deny the reality of the harm committed in order to protect the institution’s reputation, the institution can cause the victim to question their own perceptions of reality, feelings, instincts, and even sanity. When an authority figure incites self-doubt in the victim, they are employing a tactic of emotional abuse referred to as “gaslighting, a term coined in reference to domestic abuse.” Perpetrators, whether they are individuals or institutions, use “gaslighting” to get what they want, typically “without ever taking responsibility for their actions or even their precipitating desires.” When an institution gaslights a victim in order to protect its own reputation, the institutional betrayal silences, invalidates, and harms recent survivors in their most vulnerable states.

LaJuana informs psychiatrist Dr. Van Schenck, a gangstalker tried to murder her and she captured the attack on dash-cam.

Dr. Van Schenck reviews the video and tells patient she is having audio and visual hallucinations. Despite the patients clear and convincing video evidence, the doctor refuses to give patient her regular medication, but says he will write her a perscription to treat schizophrenia (a medication in-which he recieves financial kick backs) Dr. Van Schenck pretends he's not aware paitent is a Targeted Individual of non-consensual remote Smart Dust/ Nanotechnology experiments being conducted by Academia and Big Pharma. The doctor documents his false diagnosis into her medical file. LaJuana has just experienced Institutional Gaslighting.
By Vinnie
Institutional Imperative an entire organization can rise up to help a boss justify some deal he’s inclined to do, regardless of its merit
2. any company’s inherent propensity to do dumb things (or avoid doing smart things) simply for the sake of doing them.

1. The stock market collapse was encourage by many respected investors by participating in the overarching fininacial industry institutional imperative of rolling over debt and reselling them as investments.
2. Warren Buffett in discusing the motivation of bankers and institutional leadership in a 1989 letter. Believes that Institutions are built to appease the wishes of a few in leadership positions, to the point that employees are convinced that they are justified in all of their actions regardless of the effect. Specifically in addressing the needs and motivation of bankers, who will encourage any deal regardless of merit.

2. “Don’t ask the barber whether you need a haircut.”"It was his thinly veiled dig at Wall Street bankers and the perverse incentive system for corporate “advice” on mergers and acquisitions — namely that bankers are paid only if a deal is completed. (Bankers typically earn nothing if a deal is abandoned or collapses, giving them little reason to recommend against pursuing a transaction.)"

It was a timely note from
By Ivie
Pratt Institute
A mostly art-based school in Brooklyn, NY. Other majors include architecture, writing, and something involving construction. "Critical Visual Studies" is also offered, but noone at Pratt knows wtf that is.

Student population is approximately

75% self-made contradictory art stereotypes
10% rich lazy kids who wanted their parents to pay for them to go a school where they don't have to take 'hard' classes (but then get upset when they realize they get just as much work from studio classes) )art therapy, critical and visual studies majors, etc)
10% serious genuine human beings who want to get a degree in something they love (fashion, interior design, architecture, comd majors, etc)
5% Guys who wear very tight pants

I go to Pratt Institute. It's expensive and alot of the students are ridiculous, but it's a good school for someone who wants an honest degree in art.
By Babara
Institutional Incompetence
How ever much money, time & training, large government departments and publicly run local bodies etc cannot get anything right.

For two weeks bad weather is forecast, 4 inches of snow falls, the country is ground to a halt, closed airports, railways, roads & schools, caused by institutional incompetence.
By Demetra