Define Insult Meaning

A group of words used to verbally abuse another person

Your value doesn't even amount to the juice squeezed from an old whore's soiled Tampon. Do your keepers a huge favor: do a triple summersault through the air, and disappear up your own asshole.
By Minta
Something that is apparently VERY COMMON on this website...

By Liz
A way to verbally make someone like you less.

By Maisie
An expression of your feelings towards another person. Usually bad, however in some cultures such as Australia, are often used in a joking manner.

Peter: G'day asshole!
Vince: Howzit goin? you wanker.
Peter: Vnizzle have I ever told you you're a Tilado!
Vince: Oh fuck you Puckken.
By Eachelle
Something that is very common on the internet: a way to offend somebody, by angering or hurting them.

The insult "fuck you!" is odd, since fucking is a pleasurable activity. "Rape you" would make more sense. And "damn you", despite that it is considered milder, is actually worse since it is somebody's condemning that you are wishing.

"Whore" and "slut" merely refer to people who sleep around frequently, which is not a bad thing in itself, provided that it is consensual and protected. "Wart", "pimple", and the like, would make better insults since they are truly unwanted things.

"Taigh na Galla ort!" Scottish Gaelic, literally meaning "House of the Bitch on you!" which equates to "Damn/fuck you!"

Seriously, the insult world in English is weird; "fuck you!" when fucking is a pleasurable act.

"Go mbeadh cosa gloine fút agus go mbrise an ghloine" Irish Gaelic, meaning "May you have glass legs and may the glass break"

"Tuiteam gun èirigh ort." ("May you fall without rising.")

"'S e as a' bhaile nam guirean a tha thu!" ("It's from the town of the pustules that you are!")

"'S e mìr na caca a th'annad!" ("It's a piece of shit that you are!")

"George Bush!"
"Dick Cheney!"
"Pat Robertson!"
"Michael Savage!"
"Fred Phelps!"
"Westborough Baptist Church!"
"Rush Limbaugh!"
"Anita Bryant!"
"Jerry Falwell!"
"Ann Coulter!"
"Pauline Hanson!"
"Sean Hannity!"
"Jesse Helms!"
"Robert Mugabe!"
"Moral Majority!"
"Buju Banton!"

They make more sense; when really thought about, most English insults (or at least their order from lightest to most offensive) don't seem to make much sense.
By Josefa
To hurt someone with words.

Good insult:
Guy1, "Ugly ass, motherfucker."
Guy2, "That's not what your mother said last night." >:)

Bad insult:
Gayguy1, "You poopie!"
Gayguy2, "Well.. o.. oh yeah!?"
By Myrilla
To be mean

By Nixie
An anti-complement used on someone.

By Adrienne
A combination of meaningful words put together to provoke an idiot

an insult - i don't think you're a fool, but what's my opinion again thousands of others?
By Anestassia

By Louisa