Define Insulted Meaning

An alternative form to the noun of 'insult', mainly to be used when one feels creative and would like to come off as being more smart than they actually are. Taken after 'accumulation', 'confiscation', etc.

"This insultation definition lacks creativity, it's just an insultation of an insultation."
By Jackelyn
A word or phrase used to describe someone in a negative way or to talk to someone abusively.

Dickhead is an insult.
Ron is a fucking dickhead
This is an example of an insult
By Pauly
An insult is a word or phrase to make someone want to fuck their own lives

Best come back:"take a big step back and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE now idk what kinda pan Pacific bullshit power play your tryna pull here but asia jack is my territory so whatever ur thinking youd better think again otherwise I'm gonna have to head down there and I will rain a GODLY FUCKING FIRESTORM STORM UPON U your gonna have to call the fucking united nations and get a fucking binding resolution to keep me from fucking destroying you I am talking SCORCHED EARTH MOTHER FUCKER I WILL MASSACRE U I WILL FUCK YOU UP

Hopefully this helped u rethink the next time u say to me what's the homework insult is that
By Gilberta
An insult is usually when someone says something rude or offensive to another person. Insults are usually used when someone is being annoying, but sometimes are used as jokes. Around 95% of people on the internet use insults, but only 1% of those use insults other than the following:
"Fuck you"
"I banged your mom last night" (This one is also said a lot in COD lobbies)
"Shut up"

Me: *types a comment on a youtube video*
Some kid: *replies back* "Shut up. I banged your mom last night"
Me: Nice insult, dickweed
By Aliza
A group of words used to verbally abuse another person

Your value doesn't even amount to the juice squeezed from an old whore's soiled Tampon. Do your keepers a huge favor: do a triple summersault through the air, and disappear up your own asshole.
By Lorianna
Something that is apparently VERY COMMON on this website...

By Gracia

Ashley (to Matt): you, thot.
Matt (to Ashley): Iā€™m insulted
By Wilow
A consultant with a brash style for "telling it like it is," even at the risk of implying that his clients are idiots.

Consultant: So, in conclusion, my research definitively demonstrates there is zero market demand for your silly product idea.

Boss to underling: Where the hell did you find this guy? He's more of an insultant than a consultant.
By Othelia
A way to verbally make someone like you less.

By Carry
A word or phrase used to mentally hurt someone.

By Frankie