Define Intoxicated Meaning


1. To make somebody drunk with alcohol or stupefied with drugs or other substances.

2. To make somebody intensely excited or overjoyed, often so much so that the person becomes irrational.

If you're making someone drunk, you're busy to intoxicate him.
By Brear
Incredibly consuming (Good or Bad).
Beyond stable thought.


The New girl's smile is intoxicating.


The New guy's gas is intoxicating.
By Loise
One's level of drunkenness, how intoxicated you have become.

What was my intoxicity level last night?
By Benny
Common abbreviation for the word intoxicated. Affected by a substance that intoxicates the user; drunk; high; inebriated.

I was super intox at this block party when a car crashed into a group of pedestrians. It was horrible.
By Fianna
Being so drunk that you can't fully pronounce words.

That girl was so intoxed that she couldn't even call an uber
By Betsy
A state in which someone is incapable of normal speech, actions or thought due to the ingestion of excessive amounts of alcohol and/or drugs.

Last night Bob went home with that ugly slut from the bar. He must have been pretty intoxicated.
By Henriette
To be drunk to a point where you start talking about the realest stuff,a true heart to heart conversation with someone you care about.

Person 1: Yo honestly your the best big
Person 2: Are you drunk lil?
Person 1: Nah I think I'm undergoing intoxication
*Heartfelt conversation starts*

P.S.- Love ya big
By Deeyn
Anal Intoxication
The proccess of taking a tampon, soaking it in some type of liquor, then sticking it up your butt and leaving it there all day. Alchohol reaches your blood stream faster and requires less amounts to get you drunk. Blow tests do not register your intoxication.

"Hey I just did some anal intoxication and got really drunk during school!" "You have a problem you sick bitch."
By Emilee
Premature Intoxication
Getting wasted prior to leaving the house for a bar, party, or anywhere else you were planning on having drinks

Holy crap, did you guys see Craig last night? We went to his condo to have a few drinks before hitting the club, but he had already consumed enough vodka to cause a premature intoxication situation.
By Monah
Intoxication Scale
A means of indicating how intoxicated you are to others.

Scale definitions:
0% - Stone cold sober
30-80% - "Head clear" zone. The point where you have a buzz but are not fully intoxicated.
50% - You are too drunk to drive (legally)
100% - Fully (and comfortably) intoxicated
150% - "No longer fun" drunk (ie. slurring, stumbling and making an ass out of yourself)
200% - So drunk that you will puke at some point (could be the next day)
300% - So drunk you pass out
400% - Death is near

Person 1: "How drunk are you on the intoxication scale?"
Person 2: "I'm a solid 70%, you?"
Person 1: "I'm already at 100%"
Person 2: "Nice. I need to drink faster to catch up."
By Juanita