Define Intrigued Meaning

to arouse the interest or curiosity of

She was intrigued by their genius
By Aloisia
Feeling the effects after using Herbal Incense Blends or Herbal Aroma Blends.

While being intrigued one's senses are magnified and everything is wonderful and beautiful.
Side effects may include carpethead.

Guys I'm soooo intrigued right now, I have carpethead over my entire body!
By Lucky
1) find a deep interest into something(item)
1a) needing/wanting more information in this thing
2) find a deep interest in someone(person)
2a) sexual or emotional interest in said person

1) that book/film/etc was so intriguing


1) I am so intrigued by that book/film/etc I need to know more
2) that person really intrigues me I think I’m in love and I need to know more about thwm
By Madelina
something you find interesting that also itches the curiosity nerve in your brain.

the girl is wearing a backpack with a cookie duster on it; how intriguing!
By Olivia
A complicated plot or scheme, often secret, intended for a purpose by some form of deception; a conspiracy.

The intrigue was heavy in the court as the various politicians and aristocrats plotted to kill the king and his two sons, leaving the throne empty.
By Dorise

Paloma: shut up shut up, your dying with intriguity
Everyone else: Ok that's not a word but it should be.
By Gerri

He was nearly as old as her father, much to Martha's intriguement.
By Marget
When a person is lost or deep in thought about something that they read or something someone did or said.

I’m sorry, did you say something? I am in intrigument by the thought of what you said / did.
By Yolanthe
The Intrigue was made by Oldsmobile and now it's a popular used car, some say the car has hips by the looks of the rear quarters and fenders. The car looks great with 20's, tints, HIDS and systems, it can be modified its a W-body and its cousins share many of the same parts. It's a G ride that was built strong. It will beat more than half the cars on the road and go a 100mph all day and looks like a detective's car in jet black. It was Oldsmobile’s last best selling car.

By Karlotta
1)to find an interest in something (item)

2) to find an interest in someone (person)

1) that book/film/etc has made me become intrigued I need to know more
1a) curiosity
2) that person is so intriguing I need to know more
2a) sexual and/or emotional
By Martelle