Define Isabella Meaning

A hot and sexy girl with a really hot name. is very shy and extremly smart girl that has very strict parents. does well in school and has very good grades but can be oblivious to things at times. if you are dating this girl you are extremly lucky to have her and should hold on to her as long as you can.

my gfs name is isabella.
By Zorina
A smart girl, usually a brunette, who is loved by everyone. She has a hard time getting a boyfriend and does well in school. That boy usually knows she likes him, but he doesn't like her back. She is shy when you meet her, but opens up to you when you get to know her. She has very strict parents, she's insecure about herself and has been bullied many times. Don't get on her bad side. You should be her friend, cause you won't regret it.

Boy #1: Who's that?
Girl #1: That's Isabella, she's one of my bff's
Boy #2: Yeah, she likes me but I don't like her back, she's ugly.
Girl #2: Yeah, who would date her, she's insecure and is a teacher's pet.
Isabella: You shouldn't be talking bad about me, yeah I like you, and yeah I'm insecure, but that makes me who I am.
Boy #1: I like you, you can be my friend.
Isabella: Yes, now I have over 50 friends.
By Tobye
Isabella had long blonde hair.She can be very silly and very serious.She's the most down-hearted person you will ever meet. She changes your life for the better and makes you a better person the more you are with her.

Holly: "She's beautiful"

Lizzy:" That's because she's Isabella "
By Chantal
Fucking hoe she is the type of person to fuck you right on the spot.

Isabella:hey my name is isabella
Other person:hello hoe
By Dorelia

she left that nigga just like that ?

duh its isabella a bad bitch
By Drusie
isabella is the most amazing person ever. She will always be there for you. She is very athletic, funny, and she knows how to throw a punch. She will fight for you any day. She will chase someone to the ends of the earth just for you. She has great style and loves comfy clothes. If you hate someone she will hate them too. She will fight anyone for you. She is extremely beautiful and has the most amazing eyes. She is extremely loyal, and a great girlfriend. If she is your friend you are lucky. She is one of a kind keep her forever.

By Corie
a bitch who thinks she’s all that

oh, isabella? yeah she’s a jerk.
By Yasmeen
a hot and sexy girl, usually a brunett. has a flat ass and is flat chested. she is wild and is someone you would see in 20 years in the playboy mansion.

dude, did you see isabella? shes totally hot now!
By Lettie
a absolutely gorgeous girl. is very fuckable. usually will want to suck your dick when you first meet her. wants every guy she meets dick in her mouth

is that isabella..fuck i’m hard
By Shirl
a complete dyke w her best friend austyn and listens to trap queen while in the car and on facetime

isabella is a fucking dyke
By Frank