Define Jack Meaning

huge dick, bigger than a plain that's why all the girls complain cuz they can't get jack. Gets all the girls. You'll be lucky to even touch him. only takes dem fresh ones with the massive tits and his balls hang on a shelves cuz they are too heavy.

Jack can't fuck you cuz his dick is too big.
By Sheba
jack is a boy very few meet, he is one of a kind nobody else can compare to a boy like him. he will always make you smile even if you are having the worst day ever he’s face and he’s cute little smile will always brighten up your day. he’s soooo funny too he’s cute lil jokes make you have the biggest smile that never leaves your face. alothough you don’t see him a lot you still know he is the one for you. he is the perfect boy. i love you jack green

jack is so adorable nothing or no one can say otherwise
By Rhianon
a annoying lad from Scotland who loves Lucy Cran

By Eadie
an egg noodle or a tall ish boy normally with blonde hair and lives in america that is fancied by an asian girl that is only slightly shorter than him

american guy#1: look at that guy over there the one that becca fancies

american guy#2: oh yeah dude he’s such a jack
By Brita
awesome. yet sometimes annoying. cool brother. pain. good listener. half trustworthy. i love him

"ohhh emmmghee, he's such a jack!"
By Audry
the diminutive form of john or jackson

usually the coolest guy ever.

Jim: "dude Jack is such a bad ass"

Joe: "hell yeah"

By Maressa
The most perfect guy ever.
Most commonly know for being clever.
Is liked more than people with the name of shane.

Rick is a Shane, but Paul is a Jack
By Alayne
Jack is the most amazing person in the world, he is so good looking and is to die for ! If you come across a jack in your life make sure you keep him in it! He has the most beautiful eyes. He doesn't like keeping to rules and is very dirty minded! Everyone is totally in love with him but he only has his eyes on one girl

Wow jack is so amazing we were texting last night and it was obvious he was flirting
By Marjory
Suffix meaning "to steal", generally applied to a vehicle or situation. Originates from the word hijack but bastardised for comic effect.

Dude 1: I was gonna go for a crap but someone's running a bath.

Dude 2: You should have jacked it.

Dude 1: Bathjacking?
By Rebekah
Term used in Chicago to address a individual, stranger or acquintance. Also can replace jack or charlie in Chicago. Usually used at the end of a sentence.

"I need to go to the store jack", " Im not dealing with ol' girl no more jack"
By Ernestine