Define James Meaning


By Blanch
someone who masturbates for fun and watches porn

By Bobbee
Someone that is always very up themselves and doesn't really give a shit about anyone else. if you ever meet a James I wouldn't get close as the do have small infected dicks that can be dangerous. Usually, a man that doesn't like to party but when he does is too busy snap chatting what's going around him rather that getting to business. Also can't catch fish out at sea or at a party most James usually hit back a chick called Whitney. rates himself as a big puller but you would never want to put money on it as he gets the ugliest chicks you'll ever see, overall James is an absolute homo with no life .

you are very james
By Julee
A metal scrapping, caravan living, pikey cunt.
He has blonde hair, and goes Elutec.
What a Faggot.

ME: I heard about this guy who scraps metal on the side, while he lives in his own caravan.

Her: OH! It's my ex James!
By Coretta

By Christal
your average white teen who thinks he is better then you

By Larina

By Perl
a really cool, sweet, guy. usually white. normally used as a black guy’s bitch.

By Audrey
Best effing friend ever.
Amazing much?
total cutie.

Woah, theres my bffl right there yo.

I love my james!
By Diandra
a dick from england who read innappropirate words aloud on group call

fuck u james
By Theo