Define Jimmy Meaning

usually his real name is james but everyone calls him jimmy, not the most popular kid but definitely popular, he’s a hottie, has fine af light eyes (green or blue) steals a lot of girls hearts, but he can be pretty sensitive in a relationship

girl 1: look at that guy over there
girl 2: ya he’s a hottie
girl 1: i think i know him
girl 2: he looks like a jimmy

girl 1: damn i wish he was single
By Kiri
an asshole kind of guy, always disrespects people and will most likely cheat on you. any one who dates a jimmy is in for it and is making a very poor decision.

that girls crying because she got cheated on.
well yeah she was dating a jimmy
By Dina
1. Another name for a sprinkle.
2. A nickname given to a gentleman with the full name Jim.
3. To maneuver something.

1. There aren't enough jimmies on my cupcake.
2. "Hey Jimmy!"
3. "I would love to illegally take this car for a ride, but I can't seem to jimmy the door open." :(
By Milicent
to constantly spill or dribble coffee without rhyme or reason

I was just raising the cup to my lips and pulled a jimmy all over my lap
By Leisha

By Giustina
to gain access to something that is locked, especially without permission.

"The door won't open. I will try to jimmy the lock."
By Linnea
a person (usually male) who has a passion for shitty cars and craves boost bars, but is too much of a tightass to pay for either

By Marleah
a homosexual bitch who needs to get a clue and stop ditching his friends for gay butt sex. jimmys are usualy aregant, retarted,and a self centered bastard. they can be good looking but you tend to look at their bad qualities because he shows them to much... but is very yummy

oh my god did you just jimmy me?

"jimmy can ride me so good," said matt.

you ditched me then ignored me then you slap me when i ask about it, you are such a jimmy.
By Aurelia

I went down to the DMV wouldn't believe the jimmy that waited on me.
By Alexandrina
Stoner boy with a tendency to bite those around him when approaching water. Also tries to avoid paying up for bets by insisting on sharing beers.

"Watch out! he might jimmy you".
"look at the bite mark when i got jimmied"
By Tani