Define Joined Meaning

Has a big penis

Can get any girl he wants
Has shoe game
His mixtape is fire

White boys/Black boys :I wish I could be Joine

Joine: I'm just too awesome
By Chrysa
kick it, hang out, with some friends and just have some fun, have a good time.

not caring what it involves just want to get out and do something with people

hey ya'll wanna join later?

Friend: what you gettin into tonight?
you: i'm just tryin to join, you?
By Elisabeth
Joined At The Dick
At least two heterosexual men or 'bros' who cannot be mentioned without the other because they never leave each other's side.

"Hey! Did you see Jim today?"
"You mean Jim and Tony, right?"
"Oh yeah, I forget they're joined at the dick"
By Alyce
Join The Club
A clever way of saying "I agree with you, and I suspect others do too."

Alice: I hate people who say 'join the club'.
Bob: Join the club.

Alice: I feel like getting a club membership.
Bob: Join the club.

Alice: I had such a bad day. It feels like everyone whines to me about how other people cause them problems, when really it's just a projection of their own insecurities and unfulfilling life. Then, when I try to hint them at this, they just don't get it.
Bob: Join the club.
Alice: Huh?
By Wilhelmine
Baker's Join
A baker's join is that little slither of bread you find when pulling apart two connecting bread buns. It can be found in many types of bread.

Oi, look at the baker's join on me sausage bap, it's still attached.
By Cara
Join The Club
When someone says something that you agree with, you say "join the club".

Man, I think Allen is such a douche.
join the club.
By Rozina
Join The Majority
To die. The majority of people who have lived have died. So to die is to join them.

Either give me back my money or get ready to join the majority.
By Gennie
Joined At The Hip
Always together, like siamese twins, inseparable, where one goes the other is sure to follow.

Amy and her boss were joined at the hip; you never saw one without the other.
By Zaneta
Join Rush
The phenomenon where a large number or group of people join* at the same time
*joining could be in a game, server, or any other place

Where did all these people come from?
By Cindy
Rage Join
Opposite of rage quit. The player joins a server in rage, and proceeds to own everybody as a form of stress relief.

Also when someone who has just recently rage quit, rejoins the server still raging, in order to lash out at the person who made them quit.


lost_e: FUCK, i am so pissed off right now, im gonna go play some TF2
Dude: Ok dude, meet you on there soon

*hour later*

Dude: Holy shit! You went absolutely mental that round, must have been your rage join.


*Bob has disconnected*

Dude 2: Haha, what a little bitch, fucking Rage Quiter.
Dude 1: Yeah, what a bitch, you only shot him in the face about 5 times.

*Bob has joined the game*

By Juli