Define Jokes Meaning

A word used to describe sumthing funny, or when you are being scarcastic. Its usually used by fly girls, or townies and preps.

HA!! I just pushed that kid down the hill and he split his lip!!!

HAHA thats jokes!!
By Kimberley
a noun which means referes to something funny

1:the school is on fire!

a:lets put arsanic in the coffee it will be jokes
b: hehe jokes

I:...and thats why its called spotted dick
II:ahahaha you give me so much jokes
By Ingeborg
great word, use it all the time, meaning 2.funny,, 1.sweet, or 3.suprised hilarity... well worth remembering

1. Other person: Safe, I havent seen u in a while, where have u been?
Me: I have been rock climbing, and getting wasted.
Other person: Jokes...

2. Dude that shit is JOKES!

3. Wow dude, check out the patterns on that piece of chocolate! NO DONT EAT IT!!!..... jokes, u fuckin eejut.
By Ebba
Another way of saying I was 'kidding' or 'just kidding'.

1. Jill: Happy Birthday Sarah!
Sarah: Uh, its not my birthday?
Jill: Oh, jokes!!

2. You look so terrible in that outfit... jokes, you look amazing!
By Sabine

By Bonni

2 girls went under a blanket and got with each other, and then we were like what are you guys doing and the girls were like, telling jokes!!!
By Debee
used to insult; to refer to someone(s) as something that is laughed upon by a community (see Free Rps )

By Darda
Joke On Joke
Telling a joke and someone taking it seriously but are too embarrassed to admit it, so they try to cover it up with another joke.

Girl #1: OMG that shirt makes you look fat.
Girl #2: It's just the material!
Girl #1: I was just kidding..
Girl #2: Oh, yeah I know; me too.
Girl #1: No joke on joke.
By Rozanne
No-Joke Joke
1) A type of statement or question that sounds or looks as though it is humorous, but is in fact, not in any way funny. Also called a non-entendre. Usually simply a reference, or a non-sequitur that is not even accidentally funny. Followed either by the phrase "get it?" or by immediate, raucous laughter if the audience are hipsters. (Hipsters are notorious for laughing at jokes they don't understand, to feign comprehension.)

2) A joke similar to 1., but with the intention of frustrating or confusing the audience, rather than pleasing them.

1) Bill: I drank so much milk I fell down, and I was like, whoa, what is this, Terminator 2?
(A minute of silence)
Mike: Bill, that's a lone, confusing reference, not a joke. It is also not a witty observation. You have now performed a hat trick of no-joke jokes, and unless you stop talking, we will throw you out of your own party.

2) An intentional No-Joke Joke:
Q: What is the difference between a duck?
A: One of it's legs are both the same!
By Alexine
Jokes On Jokes
When a joke is quickly followed by more supplemental jokes building upon the comedic situation ultimately resulting in mass humor hysteria.

HAHAHAHA, omg George I can't believe how many jokes you just told, you got jokes on jokes!
By Rebeka