Define Joo Meaning

Internet slang for the word "you." Most often used by 1337 computer freaks and/or white, male, black wanna-be's.

H3y, J00! Y0 m4mm4 w45 600d 1457 ni6h7, F00!
By Anni

"Hey, joo."

"Look at that joo over there."
By Maisey

By Lexine
One of God's better jokes. In some Chinese languages, transliterated words for 'pork' or 'pig' is 'joo' or 'ju'. Of course in New York and Israel there's a homonym, for a person of a belief that doesn't (or claims they don't) eat 'joo', they are also known as jew.

Beef Niu ro Knee-oh – row
Chicken Ji ro Jee – row
Pork Zhu ro Joo – row
By Perrine
Internet slang term for you, seen commonly in Counter-Strike.

By Stace
A jewish man's semen/love fluid/manjuice, AKA "GOO"

Jew + Goo = JOO

I'd give that girl a white coat (see white coat) with my joo
By Daveen
Another way of saying Jew just without the racist part.

Joo was created after the word "Jew" was used to much...eventually someone who was a Jew being called a Jew didn't seem much of a name calling. So to make it less Jewish the word became "joo."

Dude, your a joo.
By Allyson
jewish, jooish, joobot, semitik

henry is such a joo, dirty joo, so frumpy.
By Celisse
a word that 1337 (leet or elite) pro's use, leik me, in online gaming. Falls into catergory of 1337 $p33c|-| (or Leet Speech). subsitutes for the word 'you' like, 'you fucking newb = *joo* fucking newb, except it would really be, 'joo f|_|(kE|\| n00B3rz!!1'

Okéi all joo n00berz, lîzten up. Fïrst öFf... Im teh Über pr0 pwnzér & knö Qüeztions a$ked, o0kay?? I pwnerêd all nöuberz fRom all lÄnd$ like Spiane---ïë.. and teh ßûlgariananic tRïbez and shiîz sô DÖNT ße mes2ën or joö'll hÄve knö heÄd ßïÄTÇH!!!11 Ökïe, seçondly ofF, dïs çlan- ïs alsö téh pwnzör l337 clan, an'd öur main spécïaltylizér is pwnzing n00bs leik joo. Okéii, and 4öuRth ÖFf, ïf, in âny such wây, jôo ïnzultz üs, joo will hÄvé t0 bé hëad-shoTtÉd ând will cO/\/\e homë fRöm schKöôl an"d Fïnd joÜ hâve n0 housë and only a pilë of n0üb ÄshEz. s0 FÜÇ|< 0Ff Joü FûKëm NoößS!
By Luella
Derogatory spelling of "Jew" for Internet message board hate mongers who need to irrationally blame someone for their frustration with or lack of success in life.

Ron Goldman's dad is a joo for suing OJ for the murder of his son.
By Gilberta