Define Jr Meaning

a pimp player who has the biggest dick in the world and a joker wild

damn that guy is a jr!!

By Cynthea
he's the best guy in the world and i love him to death!!!!!! he's my hun!

By Florrie
A emo cunt that looks like a dead rat and is tries to get a e-girl.

Person 1: Jr keeps trying to eat my ass
Person 2: Because you are a e-girl
By Harmonia
a pee pee, a guys dick

Jr. is up and saluting.
Jr. goes in gigi
By Lyndell
jr is an acronym for just right

A woman friend of mine is blocking my messages. Although I am upset maybe she is teaching me a lesson and is jr. I hope she stops blocking me some day soon
By Isobel
'jrs' is an acronym for 'Just Routine Shit'...

2pac: Holla homie...wadup?
Biggie: jrs homie...

The above conversation is clear...likewise, if yo' homie or anyone hollers at ya sayin' "wadup?", then if ya aint up with anything new, then yo' reply must be "jrs"....
By Suzie
Jr is a really sweet boy! who is nice, cute, and kind. He will be very loyal to you. He is also very good at soccer. He says gn and gm to you a lot and even sends it with hearts. ❤️😁

Jr is sooooo caring!
By Carolyne
I love jr. He's made my life everything I've ever wanted it to be. He's the most amazing guy I have ever met. Jr is someone who is always there for you. When I'm scared or alone, he says he'll be there to hold me in his arms. I love him with a deep fiery passion within my soul.

Me: Jr I'm really scared I dont think I can watch this.
Jr: I'm here and nothing can hurt you. I love you always remember that.
By Tressa

His blonde hair and blue eyes are perfect. He is the HOTTEST guy ever! I will love him forever and always. i wish he felt the same....143! 823!!
By Malynda
Verb; When one of your friends gets absolutely shit-hauled. Noun; Often includes sweaty dancing, chewing tobacco, constant hat turning and commonly partakes in "multi-friending"

Used as a verb; "Man i'm gonna get right JR'd tonight!"

As a noun; "Look at that guy, what a JR."
By Amaleta