Define Jumper Meaning

The British word for a sweater. In the United States, a jumper is a kind of dress or coverall.

In the Harry Potter books, Mrs. Weasley makes jumpers for her children.
By Avie
1. Australian/British etc. for Sweater.

2. Someone who commits suicide by jumping from a high place, normally a tall buiulding. Can be used to describe someone who is about to jump, or someone who already has.

3. A jump shot in basketball.

4. A girl who constantly changes partners.

1. "Looks cold outside. Better put on a jumper."

2. "Oh oh, looks like we have a jumper on the roof."

3. "Wow! Did you see that jumper from the free throw line?

4. "Becky was with Micheal last week, now she's with Jason."
a person who commits suicide by jumping from somewhere high

policeman language: "we got a jumper last night."
By Aile
A sweater.
Not to be confused with a jumpsuit.

"You better put on your jumper, its cold outside."
By Rozele
a person who jumps from person to person having multiple hook ups at once keeps them secret to the people theyre hooking up with

Wow shes sucher a jumper the way she goes from guy to guy all over the place, I bet her legs are sore from that all.
By Gilbertina
someone who can drink alcohol and continue drinking without getting drunk as they do it. Instead of gradually getting drunk they go from relatively sober to completely shitfaced

originating in MoCo

"Bro, by the 8th shot i was so done, but fred was still fine after his 8th. I fell asleep for a few seconds and then woke up and he became sooo drunk after and tried having sex with ashley! He's such a jumper!"
By Piper

"Then when the green light turned on, the command was given, "Go!" One by one, each jumper leaped from the plane, trying to stay as close to the guy in front of him as possible. Our plane was traveling at 120 mph and every second lost between jumpers meant about 176 feet of separation between landing sites and comrades."
By Meagan
Noun- The man designated the position to jump on the female's stomach during a daink this will then force the air out of her stomach causing the semen to elevate

Jeffery would you like to be the jumper or should I?

You have much stronger legs then I, I insist you jump!
By Emelda
the flyest guy in the crew. The guy that gets to get with anyone's chick, and it's ok. The guy in the middle of the crowd and can't get unnoticed

Well yeah just let him do what he want's, he's a jumper.
By Dionis
Other players on shoot'em'up games online e.g. COD....who have bad connection causing them to move like hayden christensen in the JUMPER.

Whoa...that guys a jumper!
By Deborah