Define Justin Meaning

People named Justin are very smart, but sometimes they use their "smarty" side on unnecessary subjects. They tend to be very stubborn and mean at times, but they eventually gain your friendship. Sometimes they can be very funny or they can be a devil. When they feel bad for themselves or if they are made fun of, they will act very sad and mad at the same time, especially over text. Although it is very humorous when they get mad.

That Justin is just wants things to be his way, but he is still my friend!
By Rikki
someone who is very sweet and who cares about you! he is a gentelmen and is wild! but, can be very loveable!!! who is also very hot.

1. i wish all men were like justin!
2. he must be a justin he is hot and wild!
By Kristyn
justin is someone who can be so sweet your heart melts to the biggest asshole you hate.he is kind when he wants to be and will go out of his way to make sure your comfy or you have enough money,but will turn around and tare your heart out and step on it with his mean comments and rude outbursts. he love attention and the eyes of everyone in the room on him.will go out of his way to make a sence.has a horrible temper with rage burning in his soul.but the brightest loving eyes you can look in forever and seem like they never end,its great with children and has a soft spot for animals. he is selfish in bed but still makes you want more.he likes to scare you with the extreme, loves to hear you scream. he love to show you new thing you've never seen.he cant sit in one spot for long, must have something to do. he is handy and can fix anything from cars to your heart.when he is pissed off breaths very heavy with a stiff upper lip and un willing to stop the fight ,loves to make things worst.he will try to make thinks better after time and him calming down.justins are completely a love hate person .there charm make you stay and love them there stubborn and hurtful ways make you hate them. they will frustrate you till you have just nothing left but keep you where they have you wanting them and longing for then takes a strong headed women to love them and keep with it! for all the women dating or married to justins all over the world.all of us should admire you and your strong will! and you kind hearts for all your journey with them! so if you want to date a justin buyer beware!

justin,make you cry on your brithday
justin,rip the wires in your car out so you cant go somewhere
justin,never see's your parents
justin,can make you cry when they are kind
justin,like to surprise you out of now where
justin,can make you smile no matter how mad you are at them
justin,need to be cuddled to sleep

justin,have strong hands
justin,eat like horses
justin,love the adventure of life
justin,has lots of friends

justin,love to make people laugh
By Edithe
justin is the name of a man who has a heart of gold and the soul of anangle. he is romantic and sensual and knows how to treat a lady. justin is compassionate and brave, loving and caring, but best of all hes hilarious! ladies if you ever find yourself a justin dont let him slip away they will satisfy you in everyway possible these men are rare to find.

justin is the best of anything you could ever have in this lifetime.

justin is an angle sent from above.

justin has such a pure and rare soul.
By Agathe
1.the act of being fly ass nigga
3.creative and nice
4.good singer

I want to be Justin.
By Gwennie
A sexy, intelligent, devilishly charming man, who pretends to be an asshole, but is, in reality, a big, cuddly teddy bear. He's also very, VERY well-endowed and does ridiculously sexy Southern and Cajun accents.

"Oh my God, he's such a justin! He's ruined me for all other men."
By Inger
the word Justin is derived from the anclaxan word "jústezun" and "inuyyy", which when converted to English would mean a genius. this person possesses the nature of an alpha male, that gives off the vibe of a winner. he normally carries his common catchphrases such as, "guess I'll just die" or "that's illegal" to express his mood. a Justin is very smart and likes to make penis jokes. he enjoys laughing and conversing about the male genitals and finds pleasure thinking about it. he normally does not have any emotions when talking to people or reacting to people and carries similar traits as Saitama. Justin is the sexiest man alive and would attract both male and female to him.

"jack please remember to bring an umbrella justin case it rains"
"it entered, but as i looked down, it was justin"
By Audrie
a ridiculously huge cock

he's hung like justin
By Doralyn
A person that is rarely on time, especially to classes such as English, this person also has to look cool, think he is cool, and actually be cool.

Dude 1: Dude you were like 15 minutes late for English class,u pulled a total Justin, but you look pimpin today, nice cool look.
Dude 2: Thank you, that is because I am very cool.
By Winnifred

hey theres justin he's so hot
By Saraann