Define Kairi Meaning

he’s a very attractive guy. he’s very sporty and can act like a child at some points. he loves dogs and is pretty tall . he usually likes to cuddle. he usually sticks to his group of friends and keeps his circle small. he can be mean sometimes, but always asks for forgiveness 4 minutes later. he has nice abs too. and he doesn’t do things at redlights.

girl: oh my god kairi is so mean

girl 2: yea but he will always say sorry after
By Rosaleen
Kairi is one of the main characters in the Kingdom Hearts series. She has red hair and blue eyes. Both Riku and Sora like her, but Kairi only likes Sora. The three of them are best friends and live on Destiny Islands. Kairi moved from Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion) when she was very little. She is one of the Seven Princesses of Heart along with Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, and Aurora. At the end of Kingdom Hearts II, Riku gives her a Keyblade. It is characterized by flowers and vines. Kairi has no darkness in her heart, only light.

(At the end of KHII)

Sora: We-we're back.
Kairi: (Holds out hand to Sora} You're home.
By Karilynn
a tiktoker that we all must protect. A 5'4 guy with a 6'1 energy. Respectful. Mama's boy. Cute. Funny. Amazing. We all have a soft spot for kairi

ps: Pray for his growth

person 1: hey what are you thinking about?
person 2: oh, just thinking about how wonderful kairi actually is
By Miran
Kairi is an extremely attractive 5’4” tiktoker. He is a part of the cutest friend group and Kairi’s giggles make you want to combust. uwu. He needs lots of love and cuddles on a daily and needs to be showered with kisses. He is also extremely talented at soccer and deserves recognition. Love him.

Person 1: Did you see Mattia’s new video?
Person 2: Yeah, who is that cutie with the fluffy hair and gorgeous eyes?
Person 1: Oh, that’s Kairi. Isn’t he amazing?
Person 2: Absolutely.
By Jennee
Kairi is the best most fun girl to be friends with. They always find the best in you and can never stay mad at you forever. If your name is Kairi, you are a great person!

If you are friends with a Kairi, then you should try to be with them forever...
By Noni
She is one of the most amazing, beautiful and intelligent girl you will ever meet in your entire life. She is one of the craziest girls you have to live with, but she can make you laugh in ways you cannot imagine. She always gives the nicest cuddles even for those who dislike them. One day she is going to grow up to be one of the most powerful and successful girls in history. #GHANAFOREVER. She is one of a kind, really pretty and will make a lovely wife in 40 years.

Boy: Hey is have you seen Kairi today?
Girl: No! I don't think she's going to be in school today

Boy: OH NO! today is totally going to suck!

Girl: I wonder what we are going to do without kairi :(
By Cassie
A smart and beautiful girl with a strong sense of justice. She's very loyal and kind You'll want to keep one of these in all costs.

Awe man, Kairi is one of the greatest people in the world

Thats her. She's definitely a Kairi
By Pearle
1. Most beautifulest female in all of human history

2. Estonian Princess from Estonia with slightly perfect appearance and who is pleasant to be with

3. She may also have an above average and well developed sense of humour, unusual for an Estonian

She is no Kairi, but she is alright
By Heloise
Kairi is loving and very sweet,but can sometimes like more than one person!she has mid-length brown curly hair with brown eyes.she puts all her friends before herself. she is not very good at keeping secrets but,she is good at hiding how she feels about for best friends she couldnt chose.she has a thing for small girls because she is of now she likes girls named cadence.she does not like girls who are sassy and cause drama like Callie and her gang of friends.she has a weird obsession with being friends with everyone including Callie and her friends who all hate her.she can be quite annoying and, knows just how to push somones buttons.Kairi is very tough and strong with a hint of challenge in her voice,but just know if you ever meet a kairi treat her kindly and dont get her involved in drama!she can also be a bit full of herself but really shes sad inside.

Callie:¨Your is SSSOOOOO disgusting and weird!¨
Kairi¨Well you´ve obviously never meet me!¨
By Mallorie
She is really smart has brown hair and blue/grey eyes , is really fun to be around when you get to know her, really shy at first. Gets along with (Aiden)s and tends to date them. If you start dating her never let her go!!💖💖

By Kaylee