Define Kangaroo Meaning

What we Australians use or ride to get from A to B.

My kangaroo was so slow on the way to school today, it felt like i was riding a koala.
By Elsy

Guy: "my favorite animal is a kangaroo; it's basically a giant rabbit that can KICK YOUR ASS!"
By Kerry
An Australian marsupial. We usually own about 2 or 3 per family and instead of public transport, and cars, we like to be safe (and prevent green house gases) by taking a kangaroo!
Oh and if you're american, they will kick your ass.

Bob "Haha look at that kangaroo beating the crap out of that american!"
Fred "Yeah, lets go take a kangaroo downtown."
By Mildrid
A hooded sweatshirt with a pouch on the front to put your hands inside if it's cold.

My girlfriend likes to wear my kangaroo because her jacket is too thin.
By Merrie
Describes a woman who's ass is huge, but her top half is tiny. (Little t-rex arms and wee tits), so she looks like a kangaroo.

Man,look at that marsupial of a chick. She's a kangaroo!
By Eula
A person who cares for children (in Spain).

Do you know why there are so many kangaroos in Australia?
Because the parents are always going out partying.
By Charleen
the act of a male jumping up and down without any pants on, thus making his testicles go up and down.

By Kendra
People went to Australia and saw these things that liked to bounce. they went to the aboriginees and where likt "wtf are those things?? *points and fuzzy hopping thing with pouch"* and the aboriginees said "kangaroo" so they thought they were called kangaroos but really kangaroo means "I don't understand your question." in aboriginee.

" lyke oh em gee doubleyou tee eff is that thing? " "kangaroo..??" "ah ok! Kangaroo!!!' *thinks* " i didnt ask you a question you dumb fucker..."
By Jocelin

"Who gives a shit whether a donkey fucked a rabbit and produced a kangaroo, just as long as it hops and you can dance to it." - Joe Strummer
By Cecilia
to convict someone with false evidence

They tried to kangaroo him with a forged confession.
By Torrie