Define Kept Meaning

maintained or supported so as to be a sexual partner: said usually of a woman

She's able to fly to and fro twice a week and pay $2000 share of rent because she is kept.
By Holly-Anne
a man or woman who obtains a higher means of living through other people, usually the opposite sex, in return for as little as companionship but often sex, a relationship, or marriage.

they knew she was KEPT because despite not having a job or a direction in life, she had all the luxuries as a result of her sugar-daddy.
By Edita
The past tense of kept. When you've kept something for so long it doesn't exist anymore.....what?

I kepted the microwave.....what?
By Alika
A term to describe what’s popular or cool.

“Damn Jesse, you copped those new Nike’s, that’s kept.
By Phaidra
Kept Man
a white boy from the suburbs that marries a rich lady. His job is to pleasure her and be eye candy. She in returns takes care of all his financial needs.

Ben marries Carmen Electra. He gives her every thing that she needs physicaly and she gives him every thing he needs financialy. Ben is Carmen's kept man.
By Nanny
Quiet As Kept
Quiet as kept could be said a few different ways; quiet as it's kept, quiet is kept. The meaning is secrecy, to keep quiet, not volunteering or distributing information on certain relations. It's often an expression used in afairs where sensitive knowledge must be kept secret in order to avoid repraisals from other groups within the same society, culture, or subculture.

It was business as usual, quiet as kept.
By Annelise
Kept Bitch
A person in a long term, sexual relationship, who does not work. But instead, is taken care of financially. Only with the unspoken understanding, they must peform certain duties, to remain in said lifestyle. Term most often applies to females, but may include males as well.

"That chick hasn't worked one day in her entire life. She's a one-hundred percent kept bitch."
By Donna
Kept Girl
A female that is "kept" by a wealthy person in case their current relationship / marriage falls through. They are often paid a yearly salary to stay on retainer.

The kept in "kept girl" implies two things: One being that they are well kept for financially, the other being that they are kept by what could be considered their owner, ie. they are "keeping" her.

"She's a kept girl."
By Reiko
An individual who has been self entertained for a long period of time. Un able to affiliate with others due to a barrier of something.

She has had a very self-kept life due to her parents strict rules and guidelines.
By Rebecca
Garage Kept
in good condition, kept in a garage when not in use

This car has been garage kept. The body's excellent.
By Dena