Define Kicks Meaning


hey bro nice kicks u got there

hey u wanna smoke this bowl for kicks?
By Shena
new shoes , preferably cool ones but not fancy shoes

before going back to school moms would always buy some new kicks
By Maureene
When you "get your kicks" you are having a real good time.

Keep that rock and roll music playing because I want to get my kicks tonight.
By Gertrude

"Hey dude--nice kicks!"
By Maud
To do something just for the pure sake of amusement and not fear the consequences of one's actions. To employ a hedonistic attitude when seeking enjoyment.

"I just want to have my kicks before this whole shithouse goes up in flames?
By Georgeanna

Look at those nice kicks
By Roselia
New Shoes that are ill. See example below

Sam: Obviously you are obliviouse to the spectation of my newest shoes, in the hood they would call these "kicks".

Bob: That is correct my hip gangster from Harvard. "You are off the chain", so to speak.Those are the "tightest kicks i have ever seen". For shezzy My Neezy
By Cam
Outer covering for the foot; shoe. Generally, nice shoes someone is proud of.

By Shandy

"Going bowling is how she gets her kicks."
By Adda

Those are some nice kicks!
By Lindy