Define Kill Me Meaning

Kill Me
When you wish to not be a living being any longer, Or just to fucking die.

By Alissa
Kill Me
a term used to dignify the extreme urge for one to remove themself from a specific feeling or situation.

Jen: We have to go to class
Jack: Kill me now
By Alisha
Kill Me
an expression used by someone who wants to die or is just a figure of speech for me its first one

my life is so shit will u please kill me...

dude we got skewl tomorrow kill me now
By Lilith
Kill Me
a term used by teenagers when they don't really want to die but don't want to have 3 exams in one week.

teacher: the exam will be next wednesday
Student: kill me
By Noell
Kill Me

kill me,i wanna die,i can't deal with my life anymore...HELP ME
By Yoshi
Kill Me

By Brittaney
Kills Me
Kills Me can be used in describing a thing, person, object or anything basically. It means that a thing has a trait that causes an emotionally reaction in the person viewing the thing.

Variations are;
Kill me
Killed me

The well known novel, The Catcher in the Rye (J.D. Salinger) features the character Holden Caulfield who frequently uses the phrase when reacting to phonies.

That girl is so good looking she kills me.

That movie was so bad it killed me.
By Karlen
Kill Me
What you say when you look up normal things that turn into bad things. Basically anything on this website (urban dictionary)

By Holli
Kill Me
Do you need help? Please call the suicide prevention center.

Guy 1:We got skeewl kill me.Guy 2:Do you need help?
By Yvette
Kill Me
I feel u :(

U kill me
Me: same umu
By Marje