Define Kitty Meaning

kitty is the most perfect person that ever existed
kitty is lovely, cute, smart and hot af

my kitty is the best

By Aliza
The center pot in a poker game. A community fund between friends at a bar for purposes of sharing cost.

Pagal failed to put $20 into the kitty and therefore drank for free at Caseys.
By Lita
Ketamine, an anesthetic that is used as a recreational drug, also known as K or Special K. It comes in a liquid form then dried, ground into a powder and snorted using a bumper.

I just did a bump of Kitty and I am flying.
By Otha
pile or box of money. Like when you are playing poker, the money in the middle is the 'kitty'

If you want in on the pizza, you better pat that kitty
By Vivienne
The oppisite of a pimp but a girl. She is always in charge and can be a tease at times. She wants a guy but doesn't need a guy.

Boy:after the movie lets go to my car.
Girl:pfft no! I don't think so now buy me my movie ticket.
Boy: dam girl your a feisty kitty! I like it.
By Beverly
anything that looks fun, cute, bad ass, or an actual cat

1.Look at the kitty!
2.What the water tower?
1.Yeah thats what i said the kitty!

1. The duck you dumbass!

2.Do you mean that flaming man over there?
1.No you shit! the cat right there!!
By Faith
a whip round for buying meow.

John "hey guys I seriously need you all to contribute to the meow kitty if we are going to party tonight"
By Sharron

I pet her kitty all night long
By Othelia
noun, uncountable
a cute and hip Japanese term for someone who is crazy. This word is derived "kichigai" from Japanese.

Why is that kitty yelling at his penny?
By Minetta
is it can be hugs time now?

ashley: hey jessica
jessica: hey ash
ashley: kitty?
jessica: omg, i love you too!!!
By Brynne