Define Known Meaning

(adj) To be known is to be popular (good or bad) for one reason or another. Like the guy who fell off the top of the BMW, or the girl who accidentally had sex with a watermelon.

"You've been known ever since you said ZOMG in your sleep at band camp."

By Amalee
Known Known

There are known knowns, that is to say that there are things we know that we know.
By Rhodia
It Is Known.
an expression indicating that a given idea is based more on superstition or outright bullshit than on fact \ derived from dialogue in TV series “Game of Thrones”

Global warming is naturally caused by the Sun - just as the Moon is a goddess and the Sun's wife; it is known.
By Ivette
Someone you know is known. When you know somebody, you don't have to test them to know who they always were.

1) The guy was a relative of him/her, so he didn't need to test him/her to know who he/she really was, he had known him/her growing up.

2) The guy had spent years around him/her at work, so he knew who he/she really was without having to test him/her. The other worker/coworker was known to him.
By Charisse
The Known
A guy who dunked on john and tony and then proceed to steal their job and ban them

guy 1: what just happened everything changed?
guy 2: the known happened
By Perle
Also Known As
This is a phrase used to introduce aliases, nicknames, working names, legalised names, author’s pen names and so on. Identical in meaning to the old English word Yclept, it is often abbreviated to AKA.

Politicians, also known as two-faced exponents of weasel words.
By Gae
The act of being on Wikipedia.

Nowadays, any loser can be wikipedia-known for bizarre endeavors such as coconut palm climbing and having a porn video on the internet
By Tara
Known Issue
A fault or defect in a system or machine that has been documented, but not yet fixed. A "known issue" differs from a "bug" in the sense that "bugs" are unknown, or at the very least undocumented.

"Customer Service, how may I help you?"
"Oh my god! I bought your new product and when I turned it on it began systematically hunting and killing my friends and family!"
"Yes, that is a known issue."
"It's documented."
By Andrea
Pocket Known
Its a simpler way to say that you know an area as well as the inside of your pocket.

Can I help you to explain where you should go? You know, Im pocket known in this area.
By Dennie
Known Idiot
A person who is known for being wrong about everything that is worth having an opinion about.

If you have a plan you want to follow you should ask their opinion about the plan. If they hate it, then you should probably go ahead and implement the plan. If they love it, then you need to go back to the drawing board as your plan will have deficiencies that you haven't been able to see, but the Known Idiot will have detected and loved.

Programmer 1: John is our known idiot, can you ask him what he thinks of your software design before implementing it?
Programmer 2: I asked him already - he thought it was a great I'll throw that design away and start again, it's obviously full of bugs.
By Robbie