Define Laden Meaning


By Stephie
From the Dutch language;

*In Dutch: Laden (infinitive), (past tense, plural) (be/ge)laden.
*In English: To load (inf.), (past tense)loaded.

In English it's an adjective meaning;

1. Heavily loaded.

2. Oppressed by something: weighed down by a problem or an unpleasant feeling such as doubt or unhappiness.

1. Fruit-laden boughs.
2. Laden with guilt.
By Junette

By Carolin
It’s a urban kick to the word waiting and stressing the word out

Bro stfu I’ve bin laden for you to get out of bathroom
By Mireielle
Bin Laden

I still can't find bin laden, he has been killing innocent people for years, but still.
By Lorrie
1. A female the uses the promise of sex to manipulate and terrorize a man.
2. The woman in a relationship who 'wears the pants' and controls her boyfriend/husband. Control is usually achieved by way of the tactic listed above.

Friend 1 - "Man, Joel's girlfriend is a controlling bitch! She threatened to withhold sex if he came out to play poker tonight."
Friend 2 - "Yeah man, she's a goddamn Poon-Laden"
By Jaimie
Bong Laden
A massive bong orginally made out of a giant Promo-Cup from Taco Bell. Bong Laden AKA The Terrorist Bong is wanted on several counts of kicking the shit out of everyone's lungs.

"Yo, I found the Bong Laden. Come over and pack bowls"
By Cleopatra
Bin Laden
a drink containing two shots and a splash of water

Navy Seal walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a bin Laden. The bartender says he doesn't know how to make that drink. The Seal says "oh it's easy, it's just two shots and a splash of water."
By Cymbre
The Bin Laden
When you're at a pool and a girl is sucking your dick, just before you ejaculate, you pull out of her mouth, blast her in the eye, grab a towel and wrap it around her and kick her into the pool

Girl: Can you believe what this guy just did to me?
Friend: What he do?
Girl: He came in my eye and threw me into the pool! He called it the Bin Laden
By Ainslee
Bin Laden
The act of cautiously releasing a bloody turd into the toilet much like the way Bin Laden was dumped into the ocean

Upon waking up the morning after a long night of eating super nuclear chicken wings and broken glass, I was nearly crying as I released a nasty bin laden.
By Laural