Define Land Beast Meaning

Land Beast
An extremely fat and ugly girl who tries to pick up on you when you are out at the bars but you don't want anything to do with her but yet she keeps on trying.

Chris: Hey man did you just see that fat chick tryin to pick up on me?
Jony: Yeah man she was a Land Beast for sure!
By Elspeth
Land Beast
The correct term for a "Dog", a vastly inferior creature to the Land Monster.
Land Beasts exist merely to serve their human masters mindlessly.

Has anyone seen my stupid Land Beast!?
Yeah, it's just shitted on the carpet!
By Trina
Land Dwelling Sea Beast
A short overweight blonde girl that hits on every guy in the bar that continues to argue with them when they don’t give adequate attention, then proceeds to slap them in the face for being SOO rude.

That aggressive 4/10 was being a land dwelling sea beast.
By Gigi