Define Last Call Meaning

Last Call
A crappy show hosted by Carson Daly that my friends and I have renamed "Tool Time". The show sucks!

Me: "What the fuck are you watching."
Unknowing friend: "Last Call with Carson Daly"
Me: "You mean Tool time?"
By Donica
Last Call
A person so homely they are only hit-on after last call.

"Jason is so desperate, he's trying to pick-up that last call at the end of the bar!"
By Rita
Last Call
when the assholes at the bar stop selling beer.

By Delora
Last Call

Shit it's last call time to find the bitches that look like a 10 at 2 then you wakeup at 10 with a 2
By Dallas
Last Call
(N.) Anti-Weed. It's usually when it's time for Bartenders to close things up, but it's more recently a crap show hosted by America Youth's Massive Tool, Carson Daly. Is this really something to keep you awake at 1:35 am? It'll put to sleep faster than a Saturday Night Live Movie.

Last Call with Carson Daly tonight had Carmen Electra, Kermit the Frog, 50 Cent, and Godzilla on. And after a double weed dose, I STILL fell asleep!
By Mona
Last Call
worst late night talk show ever, even worse than Chevy Chase's old show

By Elyssa
v. To knock over the other team's curling stones used with single, etc
1n. (Slang) A curling stone
2n. An instance of last-calling the other team

1. Dude this bloody jjjjjjj just last-called me too far like WTF Boom!
2. Get your last calls as close to the middle as possible
3. I am going to finish them with last calls
By Daron
Last Call
Hitting the girl you are with in the back of the head with the butt end of one of the Buck Hunter guns at a bar, knocking her out.

"When was the last time you had sex?"

"Does me last calling that chick last night count..."


"Then I don't know, haha."
By Cristen
Last Call Cocktail
When the bartender stops selling booze and you need more make a last call cocktail. Mix unfinished, unattended drinks together in a pint glass and drink up!

Biff - "Last call? Dammit, I should have gotten here sooner."

Joey - "Its alright man, make a last call cocktail."
By Georgeta
Last Call For McDoubles
When the least intoxicated person at the party makes a McDonald's run for all the drunk retards with the beer munchies. He collects his cash (often times being sober enough to rip others off) and proceeds to buy approximately 15 Dubs dripping in grease and Mac Sauce. This leads to late night satisfaction, but also leads to a disheartening array of beer shits the next morning.

Trey: "I ain't drunk! (Proceeds to vomit on sofa) Last Call For McDoubles!"
Jalen: "Ey add that mac sauce ya hurr? You feel me?"
Trey: "I feel you bro..."
By Madalyn