Define Latenci Meaning

stealing a pack without giving credit

Person 1: "Hey I need a new resourcepack? Make me one?"
Person 2: "Here I will pull a latenci and find you one"
By Lorie
Latency is a term used for the time it takes for a packet of data to be sent by an application, travel to and be recieved by another application. Higher latency means longer time taken, meaning more delay of the requested action.

-Wow, you have really high latency!

-So that's why my internet is so slow!
By Modesta
The best Video Creator on Youtube. Once was known for his PVP Minecraft videos but now is known for being incredibly talented in Fortnite. He will someday be a known as a legend.

Have you heard of that amazing YouTuber Latenci??
By Stacey
Laency is when a system will run slower maybe because you have changed something on the system

I changed some settings on my system took a reboot and it started up slower because it was applying the new settings and this is what we call latency
By Donnie
Zero Latency
Something that begins without delay.

Sandy: Tom and Jill sat down and started working on that project immediately after it was assigned!

Bill: Yep, they are the company's zero latency team!
By Othilie
Latency Whore
An individual who does everything possible to reduce other people's abilities to use the internet in order to increase their online gaming effectiveness.

Kyle: "Jared you're not allowed to watch Netflix right now, ya know why? Cause I'm playing League of Legends!"

Jared: "God Kyle, you're such a latency whore!"
By Maressa
Piss Latency
The time taken to begin urinating after one approaches the urinal. The time between your urine leaving your body and when you take stance with your penis exposed in known as your "Pee-Ping(ms)" (Less is better). Piss latency is typically higher when others are around (like in public restrooms) and especially after fornication.

My piss latency was higher than normal today, probably because I get nervous in public restrooms.
By Eve
Low-latency Energy
Any sugar-laden food or snack that gives an immediate energy buzz. Typically followed soon afterwards by dramatic low blood sugar depression.

After 23 hours of banging code, I decided to run down to Mr. Donut for some low-latency energy.
By Shelbi
Negative Latency
1. Noun: An imaginary term used to inflate excitement over new and upcoming hardware; associated with the gaming industry.

2.Noun: A proverbial scapegoat meant to counter arguments that seek to blame the game

1: "Specifically Bakar notes Google’s “negative latency” will act as a workaround for any potential lag between player and server. This term describes a buffer of predicted latency, inherent to a Stadia players setup or connection, in which the Stadia system will run lag mitigation. This can include increasing fps rapidly to reduce latency between player input and display, or even predictive button presses."

2: "Yo, I tech'ed that throw!" "Dawg, this got negative latency. You obviously didn't"
By Betti
Work Latency
The time in between arriving at the office and doing actual work

Guan has been showing excessive work latency as of late. He comes in at 9:00 and goes to breakfast with his posse until 10:00 am.
By Madella