Define Left Behind Meaning

Left Behind

as i close my eyes, i feel it all slipping away

we all got left behind, we let it all SLIP AWAY!
By Othilie
Left Behind
Leading a hedonistic and/or narcissistic lifestyle that would result in one being "left behind" when the alleged christian rapture allegedly happens and all the alleged "good" christians are taken to an alleged heaven. Thus leaving behind all the people not desired by the alleged christian alleged god.

Dan: Babe, you are so going to get left behind with that attitude.
Michelle: You mean with all the cool people?
Dan: Um, ya. Never thought about it like that before.
By Rosette
Left Behind
A book and movie series about the Christian Fundamentalist doctrine of "the Rapture".

The "Left Behind" series was quickly followed by the "Right Behind" series, whereby the author made a COMPLETE ASS of himself!
By Lindy
Left Behind

Sara thinks Kanye West is the best rapper ever. She's such a fucking left behind.
By Donelle
No Broski Left Behind
A law between you and your broskis to make sure that when you're all out doing something, that you won't leave any of them behind for any reason.

This is a definition that spawned from the No Child Left Behind Act.

Friend 1: Dude, Mike is lagging behind.

Friend 2: You know the rules, no broski left behind act!

Friend 1: We'll have to go back and get him.
By Rosetta
A education program proudly promoted by our "Bush for brains" President, whereby he guarantees that no child will be left behind. This is easily accomplished since he plans to make sure that no child will be advancing either.

Bush wants to make sure that no child gets left behind and ends up getting missundereducated like him.(See missunderestimated)
By Kara-Lynn
An education "PLAN" by Bush, that cuts funding of underperforming schools. what is underperforming? a school with test results under 100%. Schools with test results of 100%:

Schools with test results under 100%:
All of them.
Children Left Behind:
Children benifiting
Results of NCLB
USA 49th in literacy
High School diploma as good as toilet paper in landing a job.
By Georgia
No Child Left Behind
Another one of Dubya's mistakes. The biggest bullshit program ever instituted in the history of the United States, aside from maybe the Draft. While participating in No Child Left Behind, the lessons you will be taught are dumbed down so children like George W. Bush can be pushed through the school year. Too bad the advanced students have to deal with the remedial bullshit too.

We couldn't have the remedial, general, and advanced classes anymore, can we?

Worker: I had to deal with No Child Left Behind, now I work at a gas station.

Governer: I was elected governer because I had the best grades out of my high school class, a whopping 1.7 GPA!

Random Citizen: De De DEE! I are smart! No child left ahead really worked for me!
By Shalna
No Fries Left Behind
NO FRIES LEFT is when you have an order of fries and you eat the ones that have fallen out of it's cup.

Dude, don't leave those fries at the bottom of the bag behind! Remember, "No fries left behind"
By Glenn
No Child Left Behind
All of the above/below, plus, buried in the bill for NCLB is a section that allows the military to access allllllllll your high school records.

But it isn't unconstitutional yet because you can opt out. Of course, Fox would never ever tell you this.

If you're in high school, opt the fuck out at
By Natty