Define Left It Meaning

Left It
The ancient art of excreting solid waste and then leaving the toilet unflushed.
Upon discovery by the next user, they note that previous occupant 'left it'

Awwww damn! Who left it? This thing is almost a foot long! Dude! You reek!
By Maura
What your dad did when he saw you being birthed.

By Jasmin
To The Left, To The Left
A: A phrase that one says when they are ridding in a car and tell the person driving to take a LEFT, but they do not pay attention.

B: An annoying, but catchy phrase, in the song “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce. The use of this phrase does create a quandary, however. Does she want me to put my stuff in the box to her “LEFT” or my “LEFT”, which would actually be her "RIGHT"?

Yo homeslice, you need to take the next left G. To the LEFT, to the LEFT!!!

Bf: I don’t want to leave you baby!
Beyonce: To the LEFT, to the LEFT. Everything you own in the box to the LEFT!
By Sofie
the opposite of right

By Dona

why do you want to look 'left' up in the first place? 'tard.
By Jenifer
To The Left
From Beyonce's "Irreplaceable",

1.) Dismissed, dumped, broke off

2.) "Step aside," as in when a person is dumped: means to get out of one's face and life so that a new partner can be established.

3.) Indicating where the door is located, even if it is not actually located to the left -- "To the left" indicates that your exit is expected right fucking now.

BF: Baby, it wasn't me with that girl!
GF: Ain't got time for your excuses, playa.... to the left.
By Shalne
Left is the opposite of right.

By Ingaborg
The hand that never gets laid.

I'm ambidexterous, so I let lefty whack it for a change. He hardly ever gets laid.
By Garnette
adj. not right

adj. wrong, according to the bfg

n. side that leans towards liberalism

n. side of the brain that deals with logic and analytical reasoning

n. the hand that will reach out of your monitor and smack you upside your thick skull for looking this up

people who look up left in dictionaries need to find a better way to spend their time, as do i for even bothering to make a fucking definition for left. wow i'm really don't want to do this fucking discrete math homework--my left brain is fucked up.
By Griselda
Termination of employment, to be fired. Politically correct propaganda for a dismissal.

The all employees email comes out...

"After years of dedicated service, we would like to let you all know that Bob Jones has left Gigantocorp...effective immediately."

Everybody in the business knows that Bob didn't leave, he was lefted.

Where has Jim been? Oh, Jim got lefted last week, didn't you see the email?
By Crista