Define Legally Meaning

To do something that isn't against the law.

I downloaded this song legally from iTunes.
By Zilvia
Legalize It

fuckin' legalize it man
By Idalina
Referring to the age at which a young woman's assets are tappable by law.

Damn, it's about time the Olsen twins became legal.
By Nevsa

Hey Miles, Let's smoke some Legal!!
By Ros
Didn't get caught by the cops.

Dude, I've done this a thousand times, it's totally legal.
By Dareen

Eu sou legal - I am cool
By Kalindi
Approved statement signed into law used as a point of guardians in order to provide security.

An unexpired identification account from the federal, state, and/ or local government agency with a picture, address, birth-date, and signature pertaining to an individual can be used to prove legal existence of a person.

An individual or a group is legally subjected to the signature of acceptance of a service or a product outcome.. May be updated with the consent of all involved participants
By Rahal
Somethin reefer should be.

By Becca
Legalize It

"Legalize it,
Don't critisize it!"
By Heddi
e.g: "Legalize weed, man!"

To "legalize" means to write a statute which thereby exports a given object, or substance (expanded in recent years to also include concepts, thoughts or actions) from the tangible, real, physical universe--where it can actually be proven to exist--and imports this object or substance into the imaginary realm of statutory control, enforcement and penalty, which only exists inside a courtroom environment, or the prisons they draw their revenue from.

This can be used "to make something illegal", or to make something "legal."

This can not, however, be used to make something "free", which many people believe means the same thing as legal.

It doesn't.

To be "legal" requires statutes which specifically limit and restrain your freedoms to those which are preordained by the statute.

People have been begging to "legalize cannabis" since the 60's. They still haven't clued into the fact that it was "legalized" a century ago, so as they "beg for more of the same" they actually get the "more of the same" they were begging for.

The reason we haven't restored our freedoms, is because we keep begging to "legalize" what is "already legalized", never understanding that in order to be free, we must repeal the statutes which "legalized" those actions, concepts or items, and made them "illegal."

You can NOT restore your freedoms by adding more restrictions onto the pile of statutes which originally restricted your freedoms.

Eventually, this will become obvious to all...although, for the last century, we have somehow managed to remain completely and wilfully ignorant of this fact.
By Meryl