Define Lemon Lime Meaning

Lemon Lime
A slang term for alcohol or drinking. It can be used as many different parts of speech, including as a noun, verb, or adjective.

Hey, do you think you can get some lemon lime for the party?
Sorry I didn't reply, I was totally lemon liming last night.
By Dorella
Lemon Lime
the act of jizzing on your partners chest and then peeing in it then rolling around in it.

last night i had a lemon lime fest
By Nanice
Lemon Lime

By Shannah
Lemon Lime
two crazy animal people who lay on couches and breathe hard

"yo look at them go at it, theyre all lemon lime"
By Rivi
Lemon Lime
A male stripper, They call him Lemon Lime for a reason. Don't make him show you that reason.

They call him a "lemon lime"
By Diane
Lemon Lime Kush
a strong blend of marijuana consisting of purple kush, mango kush, and very potent dank.

Bob: ay, did jimmy get some of that good weed yet?
Mark: yeah, that nigga got some lemon lime kush, it like 3 kinds of bud in 1 real talk
By Ardath
Lemon Lime Farmer's Surprise
When you fuck a girl in a field of mulch (near a farm) and you shove a small garden shovel up a girls ass and pour lemon juice down the hole. Then the guy has to drink everything that comes out of the hole and the girl has to take a shit.

I gave the fat chick a lemon lime farmer's surprise after i found out she liked shovels in her ass.
By Stephanie
Anytime, Lemon-Lime
A term of endearment between people. Used lightheartedly and sincerely.
Has no sexual meaning. Just super cute :)

Jamie: "I got you some extra ice cream when I was at the store today, honey."
Kali: "Aww! Thank youuuuu ^^ You're the best."
Jamie: "Anytime, Lemon-Lime"
By Tansy
Lemon-lime Pop
just that soda/pop/cola that tastes like lemons and limes. also can be used to calm upset stomachs.

bartender:you look a lil green want some lemon-lime pop?
By Anthia