Define Let Me Hit Meaning

Let Me Hit
Refers to let me fuck

"Bro you hanging out with your girl tonight?"
"Nah,she won't let me hit"
By Merrielle
Let Me Hit That

Hey girl let me hit that

I would love to hit that girl
By Constantine
Let Me Hit
Refers to having sex with homeboy or homegirl

“Hey Bro! Let me hit my didn’t let me today”
“Bet bro”
By Etty
Let Me Hit It.
Phrase developed by the JC of Le Cordon Bleu, Las Vegas. Used as a casual greeting, instead of your mom jokes, and to infer taht you want to tap that.

Guy 1: I told the JC's aunt to let me hit it and she did.
Guy 2: Damn, she is fine as hell.
Guy 1: Hell yea.

Guy 1: Hey.
Guy 2: Let me hit it.
By Sydel
Let Me Hit That
The expression "Let Me Hit That" is used by mostly teenagers wanting to use someone's vape.

"Hey, Gabe Let Me Hit That" "Okay Bobby"
By Clementina